It’s been a full month and a half since Hurricane Sandy came in and sucker punched New York in the face. All over New York people are still sorting out the giant mess that the water made. To help understand the scope of destruction a local group that supports the local Community Board called Friend’s of Community Board 6 are mapping out the places effected by the Storm in the South Brooklyn area. The group has created a public google map for people to mark the location of hurricane damage in the South Brooklyn area.

At the time of this post there are 11 places marked on the map. We are sure there is much much more.

Were you effected? well, the Friend’s of Community Board 6 want to know. You can and should put your info down if your place received damage from the storm. This information will be extremely valuable for research being done in the area.

For specific questions on how your info will be used, you can send a note to: [email protected]