The EPA has put out a proposal on how they would clean the Gowanus Canal. In the proposal document the EPA says it will dredge the Canal and install a multilayered cap to prevent the toxic ooze that remains from seeping back into the Gowanus Canal. The report puts the estimated price tag at a whopping $467 – $504 million bucks! This amount seems like a lot, but for a century of pollution is seems right on. It pretty much means around $9300.00 bucks a days since the Gowanus was transformed from a lovely creek into an industrial Canal.

EPA will hold public meetings on January 23rd and 24th: January 23 at PS 58, 330 Smith Street, and January 24 at the Joseph Miccio Community Center, 110 West 9th Street, Brooklyn. Both meetings are at 7 pm.

You can read the full proposal at