In case there was any doubt that property values in Gowanus are rising, Property Shark has just released a map showing just how hot our neighborhood really is.

The map, which shows the price changes by Brooklyn neighborhood between 2004 and 2012, claims that residential property values in Gowanus have risen a startling 52% in just eight years. The only Brooklyn neighborhoods with a higher percentage change are Prospect Lefferts Gardens (54%) and Williamsburg (174%, although it’s worth noting that the area the map categorizes as Williamsburg is generous).

Only residential properties were included in the analysis, meaning that the Gowanus surface has barely been scratched; expect the number to keep rising in the coming years as commercial and industrial properties are converted into condos and co-ops and put on the market, which will in turn increase the value of surrounding existing residential development. Still, it’s hard not to feel like we’ve missed the boat… if only we’d bought eight years ago!

[via Gothamist]