The tragic death of the wayward dolphin last week has inspired an online petition that request local and state officials to have a plan for rescuing dolphins and whales when they wonder into the polluted Gowanus Canal. Patch first reported that Vangeline Gand posted a petition titled: Rapid rescue of dolphins and whales in Gowanus Canal and that it already has more than 150 signatures. One issue noted from last weeks tragedy was that rescuers were not given the go ahead to get into the Canal because it’s so polluted. This was most likely only one of the issues since rescuing a wild animal is a complicated issue. Specifically, there are many rules in place when dealing with a wild animals that are not well known by the public. The petition is looking for a way to:

“ have a protocol in place for rapid rescue to help these large mammals swim back to the bay when they get trapped”.

The petition is to be delivered to a whole host of who’s who in New York politics: Nydia Velazquez, New York Congressional District 7, Joan Millman, New York House District 52, Velmanette Montgomery, New York Senate District 25, Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor, Bloomberg, Mayor, Charles Schumer, New York U.S. Senate, Kirsten Gillibrand, New York U.S. Senate, The New York State House, and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

You can find the online petition here.