If you’ve been in Gowanus all your life or if you even been here for only a short while you’ve seen the ornate building curiously siting at 3rd Avenue and 3rd Street. The building, which stood alone for decades till Whole Foods started recently building their store nearby, is from 1873 and was used as sort of an office space (not as a house) by the New York and Long Island Coignet Stone Company a long long time ago. Documentary filmmaker Max Kutner explores the history and cultural effects of this building in a new doc called At The Corner Off 3rd And 3rd. As you will see in the trailer below Kutner’s film will cover how an abandoned building has become the representation of Gowanus, a neighborhood that has been falsely proclaimed as an abandoned wasteland. Featured in the trailer is the Who’s Who of Gowanus including long time Gowanus advocate/reporter Katia Kelly and history buff/writer Joseph Alexiou.

“At The Corner Of 3rd and 3rd” Trailer from Max Kutner on Vimeo.

(Rumor has it that this beloved Coignet Building won’t be leased to a local business. Several people have said that the buildings owner only wants a corporate business such as Starbucks to occupy the building. This is just gossip though and no effort has been made to investigate the validity of these statements.)