This weekend we strolled through the lovely Gowanus Nite Market, which took place at the Gowanus Lofts. While perusing through the various items being offered by each vendor we discovered something magical! First before we tell you what and how magical, you’ll need a little back story…

Long before we became obsessed with a single neighborhood and frankly as a reason why we can’t post as frequently… ‘we’ were/are Rock Stars! When we are not posting and trolling all things Gowanus… we rock out doing things that, well, frankly rock. (rock enough that people notice… these people may not see us play, but who needs an audience when you’re gyrating on stage…are we right…who’s with us?).

Anyways, by being Rock Stars we pretty much live and breath music. We own like 5 guitars and an assortment of other instruments. So, when we rolled up into the Nite Market and discovered the table of Bare Bone Supply we freakin’ freaked out. What they have are full f*cking Make-You-Own guitar kits!
Look at this!
The kit comes with all you need to put a bad-ass guitar together. The only thing you have to do is actually put it together and sort out how you want the sexy wood to look on your guitar. It’s awesome! Like Rock Star Awesome! It’s like, yeah, we should start a Gowanus band together and melt some faces off, Awesome!
They have a couple of different style guitars including base for you rhythm folks.
You should get this now… look at the price… you should get this. It’s the kind of thing you can make while sipping a good beer or whisky! The kind of thing that will fill that animalistic need to be the bad-ass guitar player that you know you are!

Bonus Your Face Off
Bare Bone Supply totally makes other stuff including apparel and pocket knives.
A Rock Star needs a pocket knife, by the way.