Photo credit: Daily News

The project to rehabilitate the dilapidated Culver Viaduct and its Smith-9th Street Station — the highest elevation in the entire subway system and a vital link for residents of Gowanus — is finally nearing completion. Has it really only been two years? It feels like it’s taken forever. The station was originally scheduled to re-open in December 2012.

The MTA swears that the station will finally, really, actually re-open, honest! The F and G trains will begin making regular stops at the station during the week of April 22nd while construction on some final details “that do not affect passenger functionality” will continue. And, more good news: the five extra stops that temporarily extended G train service to Church Ave. because of the Smith-9th Street construction project will remain permanent.

We’ll give the new station a whirl and post some photos as soon as it opens. The art deco ornamentation we’ve seen from passing subway trains is a huge improvement over the downtrodden station of yore.