“Rock and Roll Playhouse” Kids Venue/Restaurant Coming to Gowanus… with Controversy

Rock and Roll Playhouse

Construction is underway at 280 Bond Street (corner of Degraw) on the Rock and Roll Playhouse, a new venue and restaurant that will be dedicated to family-friendly entertainment. According to the Rock and Roll Playhouse’s official website:

The Rock and Roll Playhouse (RRPH) is a new concept in family friendly entertainment, located at 280 Bond Street in Brooklyn. The nearly hundred-year-‐old building that the RRPH occupies is currently undergoing a complete renovation, scheduled for completion later this year. In renovating, it is our goal to preserve the historic details of this beautiful building, while making a series of improvements to create a safe environment for family learning and entertainment in accordance with the RRPH mission.

The Rock and Roll Playhouse will offer family friendly programming in our theater during the day, as well as programming for adults, such as educational talks, jazz and theatrical performances in the evenings. We have partnered with our friends at Blue Ribbon Restaurants to offer a full food and beverage program in the restaurant seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

More detailed information on the programming and restaurant are available at the website.

The construction of the club is, of course, not without controversy. The club’s owner, Peter Shapiro, owns Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg and formerly owned the legendary Wetlands music spot in TriBeCa. A neighborhood group called We Are Gowanus claims Shapiro is masquerading the operation as a children’s spot while his real plans are to make it a fully operational night club with bands performing seven days a week. Residents of the six neighboring residential properties (and outlying blocks) are concerned about nightime noise emanating from the venue’s outdoor garden, smokers on the street outside, and parking on the streets. The group recently sued the city, and have launched a petition at Change.org.

Here are some shots of the space as it is today:

IMG_4746 IMG_4747

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