3d Scanner
So, if you are familiar with Makerbot than you’ve hopefully ThingiVerse.com, which has like all these bitchen cool 3D templates to download. And although being able to make a 3D object at home blows your mind, templates are just some elses stuff. If you have a MakerBot 3D printer than you totally want to make your own crap! You don’t want just a template you want to make that random plastic doohickey that fixes your toilet or even that display item that say’s ich bin ein Nerd! Marketbot now offers a 3D scanner called the Digitizer to make your dream a reality! Marvel at how much time you save by not having to design things and by just placing an item on a space age lazy susan. Then watch as lasers map out your item and give you a template to print it right there and right then with your Makerbot 3D Printer.

Apparently, you can scan tigers and gnomes, oh my!