The Gowanus Lightstone Development Death March Grinds On

Things are busy on the Lightstone Group’s Gowanus development front, with a flurry of on-site activity over the past few weeks. Demolition is nigh.

A two-man crew of surveyors are out right this second mapping out underground cables and pipes with spraypaint on the asphalt — similar to the markings they put down earlier this year – this time with yellow, red and the dreaded white markings, the latter indicating “proposed excavation limits or route,” according to the Wikipedia entry on utility location markers. A separate three-man crew down the block is busy using shovels and a small front-end loader to clear away the dense grass and weeds that have grown in sidewalk crevices over the past few months while the building at 363 Bond has been neglected.



A member of Gowanus Your Face Off team snapped this photo last night of the former Gowanus Yard party space on Carroll Street and the Canal, which had its final party this past Sunday (the only ray of good news here: one thousand less hipster in our neighborhood every Sunday). Trees have since been cut down, a dumpster has been brought in, and debris is being cleared from the site as it’s readied for demolition and excavation:


Flat-bed trucks have been dropping off backhoes and other large construction vehicles all throughout the past two weeks, and all the abandoned trailers and the timber yard in the open-air lot abutting the Canal at 365 Bond have been cleared out. Meanwhile, across the street at 363 Bond, an interior demolition crew has been busy clearing out the insides of the building:



Looking in the entrance of 363 Bond St., on the 1st Street alleyway.

Earlier in August a truck sporting a “Sewage and Watermain Repair” decal spent a week digging evenly-spaced, perfectly square holes in the sidewalk along Bond Street between 1st and 2nd Streets… and then filling them all in.

Changes are afoot. The pile-drivers are close, and with them comes the end of our sanity (and ability to sleep past 7am).

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