There is really nothing that goes better than Comics and Cocktails. For one thing they both are usually garnished with brilliant colors and they both tend to evoke ones imagination. Plus, words and images really start to make sense after you have had a few. It’s like your inside the writers mind, man!
black feather fallas
Anyways, this lovely combination of art and booze is happening at Lucey’s Lounge on Sept 24th with the launch of Ellen Lindner‘s mystery comic, The Black Feather Falls. You might remember Lindner from her graphic novel about Coney Island in the early 1960s called, Undertow.

Check about the full details below on Lindner’s new piece:

See you there…
What: The Black Feather Falls Launch Party
Where: Lucey’s Lounge
When: 6:30 – 11PM Tues, Sept 24th.