The Lightstone Group has been sending out letters via Certified Mail (signature required) to residents near their Gowanus development site. The Group intends to conduct detailed examinations of the inside and outside of building near the site before they begin construction in an effort to protect themselves against lawsuits resulting from potential damage, standard practice when a building is going up that will require earth-shaking and ear-splitting pile drivers. We’re SO looking forward to waking up to that at 7am every morning for months on end.

The audacity to proclaim that the Lightstone Group is looking forward to “becoming part of the community” — as if whoever is in charge of the project will actually be living here — is absolutely outrageous, especially given the fact that none of the residents want or asked for this, nor do we have a choice in the matter. But, of course, it’s not surprising.

Meanwhile, preparations continue to be made to get the site at 363-365 Bond Street ready for demolition. Earlier this week a Con Ed crew spent some time jack-hammering and digging a whole in the middle of Bond Street in front of 363; my best guest is that they’re shutting off and sealing up gas lines going into the building so they don’t pose a risk during construction.