Google Maps Street View Car Spotted in Gowanus!

Google Street View Car


Spotted in Gowanus: a multi-camera car donning Google Maps Street View decals! Although we know these cars exist no one ever seems to spot them, gliding through America’s urban landscapes unseen like a rare breed of wild animal. Finally seeing one was mildly exciting in a very nerdy way.

This particular spotting was especially notable for one reason: the car was pulling out of the 1st Street alleyway between Bond Street and the Canal, meaning that the next iteration of Street View will still show the squat warehouses that are there now, not the 700-unit monstrosity that is soon to come. The current Street View image captures were taken in June of 2011. Not sure how long it’ll take Google to process the most recent round of photographs before posting.

I’m still kicking myself for wasting a perfectly good opportunity to strike an obscene or otherwise hilarious pose as the car went by… instead, you get our hack journalism.

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