Whole Foods Opening Dec 17


It’s official: the Gowanus Whole Foods on Third Street and Third Avenue in Brooklyn will be opening on December 17th. So sayeth a vinyl banner posted on the side of the building late last week. There’s no turning back now! A flurry of construction workers were visible hard at work inside the building even late at night this past weekend.

Meanwhile, since controversy seems to follow Whole Foods wherever it goes, the latest involves the historic Coignet building next door that Whole Foods agreed to restore as part of the deal that allowed them to build their store in Gowanus. While local residents claim the Whole Foods construction process caused a crack in the building and greatly worsened its condition, Whole Foods denies the allegations. As long as Whole Foods makes good on its promise to restore the building (which it hasn’t begun yet) and as long as the building doesn’t fall down in the meantime, we say: what’s the difference? Read about it in the Brooklyn Paper.