Kanan Indian Restaurant Kanan Indian Restaurant

Indian food is coming to Gowanus: construction for the Kanan Indian Restaurant at 452 Third Ave. between 8th and 9th Streets looks to be nearly complete.

The restaurant will be a family-owned establishment that sees Samar Singha partnering with his son Sushan on the venture with Samar’s wife contributing in the kitchen as well. Samar was previously a minority partner in two locations of the Kinara Indian Restaurant, one at 368 Myrtle Ave in Fort Greene and one at 473 5th Ave in Park Slope, although he is no longer involved with either. The new restaurant will be entirely his own operation, together with his son.

When reached by phone earlier today, the senior Singha offered the following about what to expect at Kanan, stressing an unparalleled customer service above all else:

We will be offering good service and good food. We want to work with the customer. Some people say Indian food is too spicy, or there’s too much oil, or there’s too much cholesterol — we will try to make custom-made food for each customer.

The menu will be categorized: there will be vegan choices, food for diabetics (for example, with lentils), for people with high cholesterol, for children.

We got the idea from a Chinese restaurant where you can mix your own food on the table — it won’t be exactly the same here, but you can tell us exactly what you want and we’ll make it.

The restaurant is seeking final approval from the The New York Department of Health to obtain a permit. The Singhas have requested an inspection date, and once that happens they’re ready to open.

Kanan replaces The New Atlantic Restaurant at 452 Third Ave; perhaps the latter’s “Spanish and American Cuisine” was redundant with Maria and Tony Restaurant serving similar fare just a few doors down.

Indian will certainly be a welcome addition to the neighborhood; while myriad options exist for Indian dining on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens and 5th Avenue in Park Slope, Kanan will be the first Indian restaurant in Gowanus proper.

KananIndianRestaurant.com, the URL advertised on the space’s new awning, isn’t yet active as of press time. The advertised phone number of 718-369-3777 is currently active.

Here’s the space in June of 2011 via Google Maps Street View when it was The New Atlantic:

New Atlantic Restaurant