Photo Credit: Pardon Me For Asking

Photo Credit: Pardon Me For Asking

Pardon Me For Asking has the details of an extremely brazen robbery that took place early yesterday morning at the Satori building at 342 Bond Street between Carroll and President Streets. Here’s a quote from a resident of the building:

A man picked the front lock, went immediately to the basement, cut the pipes to some of the water heater units, and left. The whole thing took less than 2 minutes.

The above is an excerpt from a much longer quote with more details, which you should definitely read if you live in the area. It’s incredibly unsettling to think that this robbery took place at 6:20am, an hour when many people are heading out to work, and how targeted and professional the job must have been.

A high-quality security camera captured the perpetrator entering and exiting the building:

Spread the word if you live in or near Gowanus — let’s catch this guy.