Fort Reno BBQ is Closed for Good, Set to Re-Open Soon as Taco Joint

It appears my Gowanus BBQ review piece from the end of 2013 is already a bit outdated: the first of the three BBQ joints to inhabit the environs of the Gowanus officially closed its doors before the holidays and will not be re-opening, according to Apparently even the run-off from overcrowding at the recently opened Dinosaur BBQ across the street wasn’t enough to keep the joint open.

But all is not lost: the owners of the former Fort Reno space, who also operate the long-standing Palo Santo Latin eatery on Union Street, will be converting it into a taqueria inspired by the tacos at the latter:

The still-unnamed taqueria was inspired by the success of the tacos served at Palo Santo, and will draw inspiration from the tacos in Central Mexico, Southern California, and Texas. Rotating $3 tacos will include pork, chorizo, chicken, duck mole, mushroom, cactus, Baja-style fish tacos, fried avocado, grilled fish, and porksurtido, made with offal and other uncomon cuts (they’ll be breaking down whole pigs and going with a snout-to-tail approach), and the most expensive offering will be a $5 lobster taco. Rice and beans and other masa-based specialties like quesadillas, sopes, and huaraches will also be on offer. They’ll also be delivering.

It’s worth noting that another taco joint, Oaxaca, sits just across 4th Ave. I guess the owners of the as-of-yet-unnamed taqueria feel they can best the competition. The new joint is set to open in February.

The Facebook page for Fort Reno posted the below picture of what we presume is the new space’s decor a few minutes ago.

New Fort Reno Taqueria

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