Gowanus Canal Historic District? (Updated)


Um… say what? A large corridor along both sides the Gowanus Canal could be officially registered as a historic area. Back a few years ago Friends and Residents of Greater Gowanus (FROGG) put in a request with New York Office of Parks, Recreation, & Historic Preservation (NYSOPRHP) to have Gowanus placed on the National Register of Historic Places as an Urban Industrial District. This means that lots of those fantastic industrial building along the Canal could be saved. This would also drastically change the residential river-walk vision that many have for the Gowanus Canal.

This coming Thursday, March 13, 2014, the New York State Historic Preservation Review Board was suppose review Gowanus’s nomination, but according to an email from Community Board Six (CB6), the consideration for Gowanus has been postponed for 60 days to allow for more review. Craig Hammerman, District Manager of CB6, noted in a general info email to CB6 peeps:

NYS Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation office that the City of New York has requested a 60-day postponement because it had several buildings in the application and it wanted more time to consider how it would be impacted by the proposed designation; therefore, this item will not be considered on the State Review Board’s March 13th agenda.

So looks like the world will have to wait and see the fate of Gowanus’s historic  status. You’d think with all the old structures, and the areas involvement with the American Revolutionary War and the Industrial Revolution, that Gowanus as a historic district would be a no brainer. *derp!


If you’re a super nerd like we are, you can totally read the application draft nomination for Gowanus Canal Historic District here!


Update: In a previous version of this post, it was stated that NYSOPRHP would be looking at FROGGs application, when in fact they were continuing their review of Gowanus’s nomination. The term ‘river-walk’ in this article is tongue and cheek reference to design ideas for Gowanus.

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