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Gowanus, Brooklyn
The crack between two hipster neighborhoods, home to the now superfunded Canal, the flash point for the new 'Buy Local' and textile revolutions, & filled with brilliant bohemians. . . this is Gowanus & it’ll awesome your face off.

Achilles International’s Freedom Team of Wounded Warriors

Julie Percha, of Columbia Television News, reports on the Achilles International’s Freedom Team of Wounded Warriors who rocked the New York Marathon on Nov. 6th, 2011. A Different Battle from Julie Percha on…


Save the Food Trucks

In February a court ruling made it illegal to sell food from a food truck in meter parking spots throughout the city.  This has greatly effected those in the Food Truck industry. They…


Looking for a Food Star

Did you give up a 9 to 5 job to pursue a dream in culinary world? Do you want to be famous? Well, Food Network is looking for you! They are currently developing…


Soap Making Class at By Brooklyn

How often have you grabbed you’re Dove soap and thought: “mmmh, I could make this”, then realize you’re talking to yourself in the shower. Never? Really!? We don’t believe you! So maybe it’s…


Ben Light, Design Showcase Finalist- Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy gives details on Ben Light from Top 6 for their Design Showcase. Ben, who apparently loves MacGyver, gives a shout out to Gowanus Studio Space calling it… a fantastic place in Brooklyn…


Gowanus in Diorama (maybe?)

Okay, so it’s not exactly an image of Gowanus, but it sure does look like it (although Neatorma called it Post-Apocalyptic). This is work by Thomas Doyle called Refuge.Thomas does a lot of…


Gowanus is Carroll Gardens?

Some may know about the great battle between Park Slope and Carroll Gardens over the Gowanus area… Once upon a time neither neighbor really wanted to polluted industrial area connected to their posh…


in world of cool slow-mo… 8 Hours in Brooklyn

Simple beautiful and amazing video in slow-motion of people and places in Brooklyn. Brilliant!!! “All footage was shot within an 8 hour span in Brooklyn, NYC. Several of these shots will be used…


Subway WiFi not near you…

Yesterday, we posted something about how the outer boroughs get the shaft by the MTA… well add this to the list… The MTA is going to finally roll into the 21st Century and…


Brooklyn Street Art

Over this past week artist Luci Westphal collected images of graffiti and murals that paint the buildings and sidewalks of Brooklyn. Check out her blog here: Good Hard Working People


Did you know Brooklyn invented cool!

The human body is an amazing thing, when we’re hot – we break a sweat to try to cool down. It (thermoregulation) happens without us even thinking about it. But on a hot…


So Many Books and So Little Time

Slicing the Public Each year, city-funded institutions wage petition and letter writing campaigns to try to prevent the now ever growing budget cuts from being passed down through Albany and City Hall. It’s getting to…

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