Gowanus Your Face Off
Gowanus, Brooklyn
The crack between two hipster neighborhoods, home to the now superfunded Canal, the flash point for the new 'Buy Local' and textile revolutions, & filled with brilliant bohemians. . . this is Gowanus & it’ll awesome your face off.

Time-lapse NY Marthon

This wonderful time-lapse by mdkmc.com of the NY Marathon was shot from mile 6/7 on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn. Even though we’ve seen it before we still think it’s kickass! 2009 NYC Marathon Timelapse from mdkmc on Vimeo. The…


Holy Cycle Batman! Bike Share coming to Gotham!

Gizmodo reports: After much gnashing of teeth from city residents, NYC’s transportation department has the go ahead to launch their planned bike sharing system, comprising 10,000 bikes and 600 stations that will cover much of Manhattan…


Diving in Dumpsters, A Gowanus Pool

Modernman.com takes a look at the several outdoor pools including the Gowanus Country Club, which was an outdoor dumpster converted into a hipster swimming pool. We are not sure if the group is…

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Gowanus, Brooklyn

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