Gowanus Your Face Off

Gowanus, Brooklyn

The crack between two hipster neighborhoods, home to the now superfunded Canal, & filled with brilliant bohemians… this is Gowanus & it'll awesome your face off.

Deal of the Day: Little Prinsinn

If Alfred Jarry and Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry co-wrote The Little Prince (Le Petite Prince) it would be The Little Prinsinn, now at the Brooklyn Lyceum. The production takes you on a surreal journey through the pages of ...

May, 17 · in Art / Culture / Sports

See Gowanus’s Beaver, almost

Okay, so it is not actually a beaver, it’s a muskrat. But it looks like a beaver, except smaller, and more like a rat… Anyway, the New York Post learned from the Houseboat guy that ...

May, 17 · in The Canal

Gowanus Houseboat

New York Posts talks about the ‘Houseboat’ on the Gowanus Canal. Read it here: New York Post Bonus Your Face Off Here’s a video from The Off-Gridder posted with the article. The Off-Gridder from Yardena ...

May, 16

Oaring Around

Village Community Boathouse team cuts through New Yorks waterways, including the Gowanus: Read it here: VillageCommunityBoathouse.org  

May, 16

Buy Brooklyn at By Brooklyn

Two weeks ago as Brooklynites were enjoying the weather with outdoor activities, a small celebration was taking place in Carroll Gardens at By Brooklyn. It was opening day of the new store. While staff busily ...

May, 16

Short Film Slam 2

Let the indie-ness begin with the DIY film festival: Short Film Slam 2 presented by Kings County Cinema Society. On May 27th a variety of Do-It-Yourself film makers will be presented their films at Littlefield. ...

May, 15

Recap of this Week in Gowanus!

To busy to read this blog everyday? so are we! Here’s a list of what happening this week in Gowanus: Monday Animated of the Day: Huck on the Gowanus Finding a Balance for Life & ...

May, 14