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When: Back to Calendar » January 13, 2012 @ 10:00 pm - 12:00 am
Where: The Bell House 149 7th St.Brooklyn, NY 11215
Tags: Bellhouse

COVER: $12 adv / $15 dos (admission includes one free drink)

A nondescript warehouse which has been sitting unnoticed for a number of years was recently unearthed in the Gowanus area of Brooklyn after a number of startling discoveries. A former neighborhood institution, Gowanus High School was celebrating their Winter Formal 1989 when a virus suddenly and unexpectedly broke out, immediately infecting everyone in attendance. The doors were sealed that night in hopes to contain the virus and limit it’s possible spread to the small but burgeoning community of Gowanus. This has been a little-known and closely-guarded neighborhood secret for nearly 23 years. After this incident all residential construction in Gowanus is said to have halted, the Gowanus High School was closed and never spoken of again, and it was assumed all beings inside the Gowanus High Winter Formal of 1989 were deceased.
On November 29, 2011 some local teens unaware of this situation attempted to break into the forgotten warehouse and are thought to have been infected with the virus. The teens have developed an unexplainable blue skin tone, hallowed and sunken features of the face, extreme lethargy, and a peculiar thirst for blood.

Local law enforcement was immediately alerted and sent a team of experts to investigate. In what some are calling a modern day miracle and others are claiming could be the start of a zombie apocalypse, it seems that everyone inside the Gowanus High Prom of 1989 was not in fact deceased but rather comatose (some may say “undead” or “zombie-like”), merely lying in wait to be reunited with their friends and family.

Local officials are planning to quarantine the area for the next few weeks while they further test and investigate the subjects inside, but plans have already been announced to allow the general public access to the space and the former prom-goers as early as 9pm on Friday the 13th of January 2012. These individuals have not seen sunlight in over 2 decades and still seem to be functioning in a somewhat catatonic state, so family, guests and revelers are being asked to costume themselves in the appropriate late-80s attire (pale faces and dried blood are also encouraged) as not to startle the subjects.

In a surprising twist a local wedding band called The Engagements, specializing in pop hits of the 80s had been hired to play the prom in 1989 and have been locked away all this time along with the Prom-goers. They have been infected as well but appear to be functioning on a level that still allows them to play their instruments with surprising ease and accuracy. The Engagements are very excited (as excited as the undead can be) to finally perform for the public once again at this very special reunion event.

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