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Issue Project Room: Share

When: Back to Calendar » November 27, 2011 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Where: Issue Project Room (Gowanus)
232 3rd St
Troy,NY 12180
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Present tonight’s featured guest: Gim Gwang Cheol

What is share?

SHARE is first and foremost a platform to explore expression, in a variety of artforms. Through its weekly open jam sessions, SHARE.nyc engages its participants and spectators in a continually changing dialog on art and culture. As such, SHARE represents an ongoing exploration of collaborative performance as cultural exchange. It mines the relationship of artistic practice to cultural identity, remapping a multiplicity of cultural discourses. The act of creating artistic content in a multicultural collaborative context is a fascinating and natural extension of the SHARE concept.

Share is an open jam, not just for digirati, but for all new culture lovers. Participants bring their portable equipment, plug into our system, improvise on each others’ signal and perform live audio and video. We furnish the amplification and projection. Share happens every Sunday.

open jams and walk-in sets — Bring your equipment/instruments/gear etc. to join the jam!

audio jam: Prepared and spontaneous music from eight plus simultaneous performers. This is the time and place to perform a piece of music you’ve written and hear it on a large sound system, improvise spontaneously with other participants, get feedback on your latest project or try out that new max patch/software setup. Bring your noise maker of choice and an XLR, quarter-inch or RCA cable to join.

video jam: multi-user live video synthesis. Generating an immersive visual environment, in the SHARE tradition, in which multiple participants are able to jointly compose the video output. Try out and learn about new VJ wetware. As with the audio, walk-in sets are encouraged. Bring your clips or camera or laptop/amiga and VGA, S-Video, or RCA cables to join

Tonight’s featured guest is  Gim Gwang Cheol

In collaboration with Grace Exhibition space and with support from Gwangju Cultural Foundation,

performance artist Gim Gwang Cheol
will present

Language Flower (2009):

Information and text on paper are just another unreal, visual, mental image. Everyday, text carves new information to the brain. Language flower is a warning, and the motion that maximizes this can be a sharp knife that cuts off the text. ….(cut)….The artist’s intention is to show and remind using the result from circle form materials and the space between them, and human in device and the functional relationship step by step.

Gim Gwang Cheol

Gim Gwang Cheol (Facebook – search for the name)

Performance art Solo Exhibition 3 / Painting Art Solo Exhibition 4

2011 Maimi FOUNTAIN ART FAIR performance art / USA
2011 HONG KONG 1911-2011 performance art festival & exhibition / CHINA
2011 grace exhibition space performance art in NEW YORK CHICAGO NEW JERSEY. USA
2011 INTERAKCJE 13 international performance art festival in POLAND
2010 QUEBECK RIAP international performance art festival in CANADA
2010 SONGZHANG 6th international art festival in CHINA
2010 ZHANGSHA 2nd live art festival in CHINA
2010 yangeber international art festival in CHINA
2009 OPEN ART international performance art festival 798 in CHINA
2009 gwangju international performance art festival in KOREA
2009 gwangju international modern art festival in KOREA
2009 changwon asia modern art festival in KOREA
2008 ASIA video performance art exhibition in MACAU
2008 busan international performance art festival in KOREA
2008 Tama 08 international performance art event in PHILIPPINES
2007 JAPAN AND CHINA exchange performance art event in CHINA
2007 NIPAF international performance art service in JAPAN
2006 Gwang Ju Diglog body-art festival in KOREA
2004 GwangJu biennale in KOREA
2002 Busan biennale international performance art event in KOREA
2000 Seoul international performance art festival in KOREA
1995 yatoo International natural art festival in gongju in KOREA

Grace Exhibition Space http://www.grace-exhibition-space.com/
Gwangju Culture Foundation http://www.gjcf.or.kr/


8pm, free —

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