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Issue Project Room: Swedish Energies: The Magic State + Sewer Election + Hana Hartmann + Altar of Flies + Kathy Hinde & Daniel Skoglund + Leif Elggren

When: Back to Calendar » December 2, 2011 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Where: Issue Project Room (Gowanus)
232 3rd St
Brooklyn,NY 11215
Cost: Admission: $10 (suggested donation) / $8 for members
Art Show
Performance / Theatre
Tags: Issue Project Room

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The two-night program, presented by Issue Project Room, iDEAL, EMS, WELD and the Consulate General of Sweden NYC, will feature a huge lineup of some of Sweden’s most exciting experimental musicians. Performances will include collaborations between U.S. and Swedish artists as well as a cross-section of Swedish groups, such as the prolific The Skull Defekts (joined by C. Spencer Yeh), and saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, one of the most important free jazz and improv musicians working today. Leif Elggren will open the event with a reading of his “The North is Protected.”

Lineup for Friday 12/2 (subject to change):

Leif Elggren, reading “The North is Protected”
Kathy Hinde & Daniel Skoglund
Altar of Flies
Hanna Hartmann
Sewer Election
The Magic State


Sound, video, moving objects, drawings in layers, birds and traces. Every movement is creating a chain of reactions which is affecting other parameters. Kathy Hinde is an artist working with different medias, combining different art forms. She has worked a lot with video screenings for dance, live art and theatre and is collaborations with scientists or direct in put from the audience. Daniel Skoglund is a sound artist building his own machinery. His weapons and friends are operated through choise or accident.


Having developed her very own language, the Swedish sound artist and composer Hanna Hartman creates compositions that are exclusively made up from authentic sounds which she has recorded around the world. Sounds are taken out of their original context and thus perceived in their purity. Hanna Hartman seeks to reveal hidden correspondences between the most diverse auditive impressions and in new constellations she creates extraordinary worlds of sound. Hartmann lives and works in Berlin.


Altar of Flies is Mattias Gustafsson from Mjölby, Sweden, a village basically in the nowhere. Gustafsson has been a key character in the Swedish underground for a few years now releasing a stomachful of cd’s, cassettes and vinyls and performing intense shows in basements and castles. His “Permanent Cavity” CD on iDEAL brought him to a wider audience and this is his first show in the Us. His music is breathing European 80’s industrial spiced by 21st century American noise acts.


The Magic State is the audiovisual project of sound- and visual artist Nadine Byrne from Stockholm. Her art draws inspiration from the occult and 60’s psychedelia. Nadine is also part of the great Ectoplasm Girls duo together with her sister Tanya. While Ectoplasm Girls is a duo dealing with dreams, life and death – The Magic State is a deeply personal project.

“The Magic State is sound and moving images, suspension of time, transcendence, mysticism, rituals and poetry. A magical state of mind and a physical sovereign place.”


The sound of everything falling apart. Sewer Election is Gothenburg’s Dan Johansson who performs bent, crude and raw experimental noise touching elbows with both the Swiss action group Schimpfluch and contemporary underground noise. Dan has put out a fine line of releases for the past decade and is known for giving his audience sort of a in-of-body experience, whatever that means. Dan was one of the guys running the filthy but nice Utmarken venue in Gothenburg for a few years, the centre for various odd balls and lost kids into weird sounds on the west coast. Johansson is also running two labels; Harsh Head Rituals and Ljud & Bild Produktion.

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