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Watercolor Class

When: Back to Calendar October 25, 2010 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Repeats: Weekly on Monday until November 15, 2010
Where: Brooklyn Artist Gym
Tags: Brooklyn Artist Gym

COURSE DESCRIPTION – Watercolor Class, Brooklyn Artists Gym, Brooklyn, NY, Fall 2010

All levels of experience are welcome in this introduction to watercolor paint workshop. In-class assignments, group critiques, and an overview of contemporary and historical watercolor art with a few demonstrations.

The course outline includes an introduction to materials: paints, papers, preparations, paint quantity, and painting with water. Focus will be given to inventing the medium for yourself. In doing this we will explore different techniques: line, pooling, painting wet and dry, saturation, layering, paper orientation, (painting horizontally vs. flat), and using other mediums with watercolor. We will go over Color Theory and mix colors from the primaries while learning to address highlights and shadows by working with and without black and white paint.

In terms of subject matter we will be painting both from observation and from the imagination. Discussion on composition, and negative space will take place and students will experience painting from still life with different textures and surfaces, portraits, and if weather permits, we will paint landscapes on location. Concept and illustrative work will also be welcome and encouraged.

This 4 week course costs $150 per person.


Allison Maletz is a contemporary watercolor and mixed media artist. She received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and her MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art, London. She has taught people from age 8-80 and currently leads Foundation courses in Drawing and Painting at Marymount Manhattan College and the P.I. Art Center in Manhattan, as well as teaching Art Workshops in Brooklyn, Manhattan and New Jersey. She has exhibited various mediums in the Liverpool Biennial, New Contemporaries UK, Zoo Art Italy, The Royal Watercolor Society in London, and recently showed in the Moscow Biennale for Young Artists at the MMoMA. It is her hope that by teaching watercolor she can help to resurrect one of the most well respected and cherished forms of artistic expression to date.


- 2-3 Pads of Paper (Cold press, 140 lb (300 gsm), 11 x14, 12 sheets.)

- Pencils

- Kneaded Eraser

- Tray/Pallet (I would like for them to have 6-9 wells for mixing liquid paints. Cheap plastic ones are fine, about an inch deep.

- A nice range of Watercolor Brush Sizes. Please vary between flat and round, so you have a variety to choose from: 1, 4, 10, 20 for example (you will know them from oil brushes because the bristles on water-based brushes are very soft to the touch.)

- Paper towels

- 1 water container, a plastic cup or coffee tin (anything out the recycle bin will do.)

- Watercolor paint tubes. I would recommend buying a box of 8-15 small tubes of all the basic colors. At the very minimum you must have a primary Red (“Cadmium Red”, Yellow (“Cadmium Yellow Pale” or “New Gamboge”), Blue (“Ultramarine Blue”), Black, and Burnt Umber or basic Brown. Winsor Newton, Cotman are a good brand, however most will do. You will not need White or Naples Yellow for my class.

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