• We All Deserve To Shuffle

    Let’s just preface things with, it was only the middle of the week and the stressiness from work really was taking a toll on us. We couldn’t sleep well, we were so tense, and we pretty much lived with a grumpiness plastered on our face.

    Well, luckily, we got to pop into the ‘soft’ opening of the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club… And let us tell you, we feel so relaxed and chill! So, strew it all, we don’t need to ever get near anything stressful like work again! All we want to do is just grab a sweet cocktail and slide of biscuits (the puck thingies) across an supersmooth shuffleboard. Really, we think that doctors should recommend this activity for anyone who exhibits any signs of grumpousness or mean face. We really feel like we had some type of perfect massage. We truly can’t explain the just chillness we feel, but we can offer a few visual aids. So, here it is the inside of a complete, sexy looking, mood lit Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club.

    First up… the really cool center main bar…

    Here’s a pan view of a majority of the space.

    Shufflers chatting on the courts…

    The night’s Cocktail list, which apparently are names of legendary shufflers…


    To the right are these VIP feeling cabanas where you can just sit back and watch all the chillness in the room…

    Here’s a shot of the Eastern set of courts…

    Some nice things on tap as one can see…

    This is the first of many cocktails, which made the evening even more magical…

    Here’s another cocktail with a shot of the bartender, who clearly had the best shirt in the history of ever!…

    A closer shot of one of the pretty cocktails…

    This shot’s blurry cause of the pretty cocktails, but we think it is trying to display the flags from all the past/present shuffleboard leagues around the U.S….

    There’s this wall of old timey photos tucked away in the corner that are pretty neat…

    We are not sure of the phrase “Keep your pigeons off the fences”. Is it like a motivational phrase or like something that we shouldn’t do? Either way, we choose to use it as an empowerment… Yes, we will KEEP our PIGEONS OFF THE FENCE!…


    Some lovely people that we played a game with…
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  • Sound and Chaos: The Story of BC Studio


    images from Sound and Choas Facebook page

    Back in 1979 legendary producer Martin Bisi started BC Studio in an industrialized neighborhood now called Gowanus. Since then Martin has worked in his hidden oasis with the likes of Sonic Youth, Swans, Herbie Hancock, Brian Eno and the Dresden Dolls. Directors Sara Leavitt and Ryan Douglass reflect on Martin’s hidden Brooklyn treasure and the effects the recent areas gentrification has had on Martin’s world in their doc Sound and Chaos.
    Check out the preview:

    Sound and Chaos: The Story of BC Studio from Sara Leavitt on Vimeo.

  • Sludgie the Whale: An Epilogue by TEDxGowanus

    In 2007 Joy Reidenberg, a comparative anatomist and a professor at the School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, was called in to do an autopsy on a wayward Whale who had wondered into the Gowanus Canal. This baby minke whale (baby = 12 foot long sea creature) was sadly given the name Sludgie by the Daily News as a reference Fudgie the Whale ice cream cakes. Upon being confused and trapped in the Gowanus Canal, Sludgie’s plight captured the hearts of local New Yorkers. But despite the hopes of an entire city for his escape, Sludgie would never leave Gowanus and would end up on Professor Reidenberg’s make-shift autopsy table.
    In this piece from TedxGowanus, Professor Reidenberg talks about her examination of poor Sludgie the Whale:

    Sludgie skull will be on display at TedxGowanus on January 14, 2014 thanks to Proteus Gowanus.

    Get your tickets to TedxGowanus here.

  • Hang Over Trips w/ Jack

    Hap… hap…. Happy (*berp!) New Year! Congratulations on boozing your way out of 2013. If your like us, you’ve just discovered that you can’t drink like a 21 year old anymore, and thus the first few days of the New Year are going to be seen through squity eyes and heard through pounding headaches! Yeah!

    But, not to worry… Jack Gordon, of Gowanus’s Triomph Fitness, is going to walk you through the hells of your hangover with a few tips and tricks!

    Here it is, your Surviving New Year’s Eve Hangovers presented by Upwave:






  • Don’t Toss, E-Waste It!


    the gift giving holiday season is coming to an end. And you totally got that new IPhone, IPad, TV, Play Station… you wanted!

    But what pray tell will you do with all your old electronics? Toss them in the trash like some kind of 1980s caveman? No, you will not, cause you believe in recycling cause you don’t hate the earth!

    Where do you recycling your once beloved technical gizmos? at the E-Waste Warehouse on President street in Gowanus silly!

    They take pretty much anything that was once considered ‘high tech’. Grab your junk and drop it off today… it’ll make you feel good. Like really good… like winner the lottery good!

    E-Waste Warehouse
    469 President Street
    (at Nevins Street)
    Brooklyn, NY 11215
    (718) 858-8777

    Bonus Your Face Off

    Here’s little behind the scenes of the E-Waste facility from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism videostorytelling:

    Gowanus E-Waste from videostorytelling on Vimeo.

  • How to Say ‘Merry Christmas’ in 24 Languages

  • Damage to the Coignet Building?

    Today marks the official opening of the Whole Foods in Brooklyn. Some are saying the new store  ”Symbolizes Area’s Redevelopment”, while others are calling its the ‘end of Gowanus’. Either way the store is up and opening.

    One of the main concerns of having a mega store being built on the Whole Foods lot at 3rd Ave and 3rd Street has been whether or not the landmarked Coignet Stone Company Building right on the corner is adequately protected. One of the rules giving to Whole Foods is that they have to preserve and repair the building. Clearly the repair part of the agreement was/is not slated till after the store has opened. We can understand that a focus by a big company might be on launching their new place and not the complex repair of an old, somewhat forgotten building.


    Last night we received a tip from a GYFO reader indicating that some of the facade of the building had fallen off! They say:

    …a big part of the side of the staircase has crumbled overnight. It was not this way yesterday…and that whole front piece is missing.


    In the picture they sent in the concrete that wrapped around the front part of the staircase is just simply gone.


    top image sent in by L. Mariano taken by Martin Bisi


    -We went by and took another photo to clarify the damage. -

    More concerning is that according to the tipster the missing pieces are nowhere to be found and that they believe this most likely happened…

    cause the staircase was behind fencing through yesterday, and it was removed sloppily

    We wondered over after the sun came up and found tones of items lying right next to the Coignet Stone Company Building. Some of these items looked to be hastily placed (thrown) within the footprint of the history structure.


    ~derp! This looks like a great place to throw some wood. Who give a rats ass about hurting the side of the building or the old fencing. (not a real quote)

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  • (Last Minute!) Holiday Happy Hour Sale!

    OMG! You totally didn’t get any shopping done! You’re screwed… Grandma will totally disown you cause all you can do is get her a crappy gift from a gas station.


    you could drop by the Holiday Happy Hour Sale over at Halyards on December 22nd, 2013 from 11am to 7pm.

    Check out the details:

    Attention all holiday shopping procrastinators (and those of you who just like to day drink on Sunday).  On December 22nd from 11am-7pm, a bevy of Brooklyn based female designers and artists will be offering the answer to your holiday shopping woes.  Hosting their first ever (Last Minute) Holiday Happy Hour Sale at Halyards Bar in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

    Featured artists include: Knit’s from A Brooklyn Heart and Blackboards fromSignificant Others by Audrey Manning, Brigid C Scruggs Photography Fine Art and Prints, Scarves from Heather Rose Studio, Clothing from Various Love Affair by Anjia Jalac, Tapestries, Beer Koozies, Dream Catchers and more from Jessi HighetPress Vintage by Emma BracyJewelry from Brooklyn Heavy Metal by Abbi Stern, Cheek-ie by Angela Barrow, M.. by Maggie Semrau, Owl&Bone by Erin Molitor, K. Fagan and skincare from Enid B. by Kareen Fagan.

    Halyards, was opened by owner Edward Colley who has converted a number of warehouses into artists studio’s in the Gowanus area.  The bar is a hotspot for many local designers, artists and musicians to grab a drink on their way home from their studios.  So what better Bar than Halyards to introduce you to a mixed brew of amazing artists! Half priced beer and wine for the duration of the sale will help you entirely forget the holiday shopping madness of Houston and Broadway.

    406 3rd Ave,
    Brooklyn, NY 11215

  • Degraw Sound’s Holiday Party

    Local music recording studio of awesomeness, Degraw Sound, is having it’s holiday party! The poster shows that there will be delicious beer from Brooklyn Brewery.



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