• Moral Support For Aquarium Team

    People who take care of animals are awesome. Like really really awesome. But few animal lovers are as badass as the staff at the New York Aquarium at Coney Island. You see as hurricane Sandy rolled into New York and overtook the beaches of Coney Island the staff at the New York Aquarium continued to do their jobs. Animal keepers stayed overnight while the storm pounded at the walls of the Coney Island facility. The staff did everything they could to protect various species of aquatic life even after hurricane Sandy’s flood waters began filling the Aquarium facility.

    Like many places in New York after the storm the power was out for what seemed like an eternity. The staff had to find a way to help animals that live in temperature controlled and oxygen controlled environments without the use of power. There’s probably not much training on how one can deal with such a nightmarish situation, but still the staff kept working and working and working… and they are still working. Although power has returned the New York Aquarium is still closed indefinitely.

    The people who work at the Aquarium need your love and there is a way YOU can show it.

    Not only can you give to the Wildlife Conservation Society that runs the New York Aquarium;


    You can also post images of “Thanks” to the staff by posting on the New York Aquarium’s Thanks Page!

    You can post notes like these…

    …which say thanks to people who take care of animals like this ridiculously cute otter named Tazo:

    and this giant baby manual walrus:

    or even these Sargussum and Scorpion Fish:

    Take a moment to tell the peeps that help protect animals even during a crazy storm that their awesome…


  • Benefit for The Illustrated Penguin of the Coney Island Circus Sideshow

    This is one of those videos that make you wish you were in the circus. Not because it sounds fantastic to perform for people under the ‘big top’, but because of the close relationship performers have with one another. One of the cast member from the Coney Island Circus Side show, Jason Brott aka The Illustrated Penguin, was unable to work because of medical issues. His coworkers put together a benefit for him in August. Here’s the video of his co-workers wishing him well and hoping for his return to the world of the circus…

    Penguinpalooza from Land of Nod Inc. on Vimeo.

    Coney Island Circus Sideshow cast member, Jason Brott aka The Illustrated Penguin, has been unable to do his job for almost a month now due to a medical emergency. In addition to all of the stress this has brought on, he still has his usual bills mounting with no way to pay them. Luckily, he’s got some really talented friends, and they put on a show in order to help pay for these living expenses.

    Penguinpalooza took place in Coney Island USA on Wednesday, August 29 at 9pm. Hosted by Ray Valenz and featuring Lefty Lucy, Adam the First Real Man, Alfie Bunz, Baron Von Geiger, Betty Bloomerz, Serpentina, Jelly Boy and many more! Plus a VERY special blade box presented by Debi Does Magic and featuring Dick Zigun!

    Prizes were raffled off from Shmaltz Brewery, Huckster Fabrications, Coney Island Artist-in-Residence Marie Roberts, and more!

    Land of Nod Inc sponsored a video booth that allowed friends and fans to record special messages for Jason that would be edited into a film: this film!

    ALL proceeds for the night went directly to The Illustrated Penguin for living expenses.

    (If you don’t know Penguin, check out this brief bio: coneyisland.com/per.penguin.shtml)

    If you like this film please give our other Coney Island film 5 stars at: drivencreativity.g-technology.com/comp_entries/film/coney-island-love-letter
    This will help us fund our next film! Thank you!

    Directed by Robert Kolodny, Produced by Bennett Elliott and special art by Rebecca Johnson.
    Please visit landofnodinc.com and follow @landofnodinc on twitter!

    For inquires about the film please contact or



    (Thanks Rober for sending this over!)

  • Tilt-Shifted ‘Busy Brooklyn’

    info from YouTube:

    A tilt-shift film from Brooklyn by Joerg Daiber. Shot in Brooklyn Downtown, Dumbo, Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Public Library, Grand Army Plaza and Coney Island in New York, USA.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MiniatureFilms
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/spoonfilm
    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/littlebigworld
    Web: http://www.spoonfilm.com

    Shot during the Vimeo Awards in June 2012.
    Shot with Lumix GH2, Gorillapod, 14-140mm and 7-14mm Lumix Lenses. Edited with Final Cut Pro. Postproduction with After Effects.

    Music: Ponchielli – Dance of the Hours

  • Reverse Coney Island

    Marco Raimondi, a freelance video editor in Dublin, Ireland, post this video of ‘land of fun’, Coney Island Brooklyn. The video says it was captured during the winter, which might explain why everything looks so beautifully empty.

  • Coney Island Love Letter

    A lovely video showing the ‘fun land’ known as Coney Island
    “A love letter to Brooklyn’s beautiful and magical Coney Island, sent from Robert Kolodny of Land of Nod Inc.
    Please visit and support Coney Island, it is a true NYC treasure and needs help being preserved so future generations can enjoy its wonder.
    To learn more about the filmmaker, please visit landofnodinc.com and follow @landofnodinc on twitter.
    Visit coneyisland.com to find out what is happening on the boardwalk this summer!”

    discovered via


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