• At The Corner Of 3rd and 3rd

    If you’ve been in Gowanus all your life or if you even been here for only a short while you’ve seen the ornate building curiously siting at 3rd Avenue and 3rd Street. The building, which stood alone for decades till Whole Foods started recently building their store nearby, is from 1873 and was used as sort of an office space (not as a house) by the New York and Long Island Coignet Stone Company a long long time ago. Documentary filmmaker Max Kutner explores the history and cultural effects of this building in a new doc called At The Corner Off 3rd And 3rd. As you will see in the trailer below Kutner’s film will cover how an abandoned building has become the representation of Gowanus, a neighborhood that has been falsely proclaimed as an abandoned wasteland. Featured in the trailer is the Who’s Who of Gowanus including long time Gowanus advocate/reporter Katia Kelly and history buff/writer Joseph Alexiou.

    “At The Corner Of 3rd and 3rd” Trailer from Max Kutner on Vimeo.

    (Rumor has it that this beloved Coignet Building won’t be leased to a local business. Several people have said that the buildings owner only wants a corporate business such as Starbucks to occupy the building. This is just gossip though and no effort has been made to investigate the validity of these statements.)

  • The Coignet Building is Up For Sale


    New York and Long Island Stone Company Coignet building at 360 Third Avenue — at the corner of Third Street, soon to be completely surrounded on two sides by Whole Foods — has been placed up for sale by the building’s owner, Richard Kowalski.

    Brooklyn blog Pardon Me For Asking dug up the story and this listing for the property after spotting a “for sale” sign posted on the lot. The listing reads as follows:

    Great retail opportunity adjacent to the new Whole Foods Market. Landmarked building in prime Gowanus location. The exterior of the building is to be completely restored by Whole Foods (interior requires gut renovation).

    Property was built in 1873 and was originally known as the Coignet Stone Company building. It has been referred to as a “pioneering example of concrete construction in the United States” by The Landmarks Preservation Commission and commonly considered a large part of the neighborhood’s history. The property includes a 750 sq. ft. dock space on the Gowanus Canal next to the 3rd Avenue bridge.

    If you’re looking for a slice of Gowanus to call home, don’t get your hopes up: the building is zoned for commercial use.

    Whole Foods agreed to restore the exterior of the landmarked building in 2005 as part of the deal that allowed the big-box food retailer to build on the adjacent lot, but was unable to convince the building’s owner to part with the property. The roof was replaced in 2011, but the rest of the exterior’s still got a long way to go. We can only assume that Kowalski is holding out on selling to Whole Foods on principle, and we’re curious to learn who the building’s eventual suitor will be.

  • The Third Avenue Whole Foods Has Broken Ground

    For better or worse, it begins.

    The long-delayed and much ballyhooed Whole Foods on Third Ave and Third Street has finally begun construction. The ground has been leveled off, about half a dozen large work vehicles are on the site, and a pile-driver has already buried several piles into the ground (audible from several blocks away during day-time work hours).

    Whole Foods Construction

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