• Support Gowanus Circus

    The Gowanus Circus delivers high flying, fiery, sideshow filled, spectacular, performances! Their show  at the Gowanus Ballroom in October was truly unbelievable. Gowanus Circus’s type of engaging theatre is one of a kind and pretty much the awesomest thing you’ll see ever. What makes this group so special is all the variety they jam into one fun filled entertaining event. But they can’t do it all without the public support. They are looking for some donations to keep presenting these fantastic performances at places like the Gowanus Ballroom. They need to raise $10,000 bucks before the end of the year. You, John Q Public, can totally help these artist here by donating even a tiny bit or a whole lot right here right now.

    Check out this video showing off some of the kick ass stuff the Gowanus Circus has to offer…

    Wasn’t that amazing?!

    Just a reminder that donating to the arts on behalf of someone is like the coolest sexiest gift you can give.


  • Gowanus Synchronized Swimming

    This shirt from DraftCraft is highly amusing. It makes us chuckle at first than we make a sad face…than back to chuckle than sad face…than chuckle…

    This shirt would be a great gift for your Gowanus friend. Like friends that run a Gowanuscentric website for instance. They would totally love this shirt beyond belief. They might of even recommended this very shirt on their Gowanus focused site and even have taken the time to named all the fish featured on this very t-shirt.

    Get your very own Gowanus Synchronized Swimming T-Shirt ok DraftKraft’s etsy page here.


    Bonus Your Face Off

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  • Craft Fair & Holiday Party, Oh My

    It’s been just a little over two weeks since Build It Green (BIG) store in Gowanus re-opened after taking a major beating from hurricane Sandy (We hate you Sandy!). And while most places would try to lay low and take it easy after such a dramatic event, BIGs pushing forward with a craftastic holiday infused event. On Friday, December 7th from 6-10PM BIG having a Craft Fair & Holiday party all at the same time and a day long craft fair on Saturday, December 8th 10am-5PM. The event called Crafted at the Canal is meant  to help BIG recover after jerkface Sandy, support fabulous local artist, and help YOU, Joe Shopper, find that perfect holiday gift. Plus, under the holiday party part of the invite theirs the greatest four words in the English language…

    “Get A Complimentary Beer!”


    That’s right craft fair, party, and a complimentary beer (while supplies last we assume)! Sounds like a nice Friday and Saturday to us. And check out the list of vendors…

    Llaves DesignsNew York ClocksWild Edge DesignsRecycle-A-Bicycle JewelryWonder Lee 123 Designs Inc, Surname Cycling GoodsLa’ Elle Chalkboards and DesignsOllieluluBexbuckles coTri-LoxPlanet ErtAncora BagsFilm Biz RecyclingWoodknot DesignrubberpiecesShea YeleenMatthew Lusk’s Bright IdeasCoil + Drift… Plus handmade ceramics & more!

    All these peeps are awesome and have the perfect gives for mom, dad, John Q Nephew and Jane Q Sister! See you there!

  • Made In Gowanus Tours

    Take a stroll around Gowanus, the Superest Superfunded neighborhood, to see who’s reigniting the American maker movement with Made In Brooklyn Tours. The tour will take you around the industrial neighborhood so you can learn about this neighborhoods fascinating and unmatched history. (How fascinating you may ask? try 1st American Revolution  and industrial revolution fascinating!)

    Check out the detail of the tour:

    Made in GOWANUS Tour <–click for tickets
    Visit the heart of Brooklyn’s “maker movement” via its main artery and historic industrial waterway, the Gowanus Canal. See who’s makin’ it in Gowanus!

    Made in Brooklyn Tours are guided walking tours with a Made in Brooklyn theme. They tell the story of Brooklyn’s rich manufacturing heritage and today’s thriving “maker movement”. On Made in Brooklyn Tours the stars of the show make works of glass, metal and wood. They’re makin’ wine, chocolate, ravioli and more. All designed and Made in Brooklyn. Celebrate the creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of Brooklynites past and present. Don’t just come to see Brooklyn. Get to know the captains of industry who made it here and the aspiring entrepreneurs who are makin’ it in Brooklyn today!


    Additional Details
    Made in Brooklyn Tours are designed for adults in small to mid-sized groups for an especially good time together. No two tours – even of the same neighborhood – are alike. Tours last about three hours and each is a unique experience. We’ll make a number of stops moving at a leisurely pace. You’re encouraged to return to your favorites after the tour to shop, eat or drink. Please arrive a little early and use the restroom before we start. We’ll be outside much of the time so dress appropriately for the weather. Wear comfortable walking shoes, bring a bottle of water, and don’t forget your camera!

    Get your tickets HERE

    Learn about other maker tours in Brooklyn at: www.MadeInBrooklynTours.com

  • Gowanus Nite Market

    It gets dark in Gowanus, Brooklyn at night, but there’s a monthly market bubbling up in the superfunded neighborhood that should brighten things up. The Gowanus Nite Market will have artist, beer, food, DJs, crafty vendors all wrapped up in the fun filled re-use space Film Biz Recycling starting December 8, 2012 from 7pm to Midnight. You could total get some sweet holidays gifts from vendors like:









    and more!


    Bonus Your Face Off

    Are you a maker of stuff and want to be apart of the market. Well, you totally can be! by simply checking out this part of the Gowanus Nite Markets website.


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