• Gowanus Nite Market

    It gets dark in Gowanus, Brooklyn at night, but there’s a monthly market bubbling up in the superfunded neighborhood that should brighten things up. The Gowanus Nite Market will have artist, beer, food, DJs, crafty vendors all wrapped up in the fun filled re-use space Film Biz Recycling starting December 8, 2012 from 7pm to Midnight. You could total get some sweet holidays gifts from vendors like:









    and more!


    Bonus Your Face Off

    Are you a maker of stuff and want to be apart of the market. Well, you totally can be! by simply checking out this part of the Gowanus Nite Markets website.

  • Party Like It’s 1999 For Sandy Relief

    We’ve seen you shake it like you were in your teens to Ace of Base; we’ve seen you try to mosh to Nirvana long after moshing was no longer a thing; And we’ve seen you hit Prince and Mariah Carey high notes… and we’ve never made a comment or judged you. Well now that all will change. We are going to judge you… but only if you don’t do all those things we listed this weekend! Because…

    It’s a special Party Like It’s 1999 event at Bellhouse Saturday that’s going to benefit those effected by Sandy. So now you should… no you have to dance to Aqua’s Barbie, gyrate to the Macarena, and act like the biggest Sugar Ray fan that you know you are for a good cause.


    Saturday, November 17th at 10:30 p.m. at the Bell House at 149 7th Street, Brooklyn (right after the taping of the Professor Blastoff podcast in the Main Event Hall) for Party Like It’s 1999: The Sandy Benefit Edition. All of our proceeds from the night will go to the Brooklyn Recovery Fund, which supports storm recovery efforts in Brooklyn. 

    They also have another way to help out — the Pay to Play jar. If you want to hear a request, donate money. The more cash you donate, the quicker you’ll hear your song. You’re getting in for free, so we hope you’ll find a couple of bucks to donate and help out the folks in our great borough.


  • Photo Gallery: Halloween in Carroll Gardens

    The seasonal lawn decorations in the historic district portion of Carroll Gardens are the stuff of legends, with brownstone owners going all-out in an effort to best their neighbors through all of fall and winter’s holidays. Halloween is no exception, as residents typically adorn their front yards with skulls, scarecrows, jack o’ lanterns, blow-up ghosts and other spooky accoutrement of all sorts.

    The Halloween decorations on the evening of October 28th were a bit tamer than usual, as Hurricane Sandy was scheduled for landfall the following day and residents wisely chose not to leave their giant-sized, inflatable decorations out for Sandy to chew up and spit out. Still, an impressive array of holiday flare was on display.

  • A Drawing For Your Help

    Orange You Glad, Brooklyn’s creativist, well, creatives, have a really unique kind of fundraiser coming up. They are going to draw-o-thon to benefit the NYC Food Bank on November 11, 2012.

    Say what?

    Yeah, it’s an all day drawing done by some of the best artist out there. The donation site says:

    It’s pretty interesting right! But what food do you want them to draw? The cupcake featured is nice, but maybe a pumpkin pie to go with the fall season or broccoli cause it’s sexy (it’s not really sexy) or maybe a good old fashion burger!

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  • Film Biz’s Auction Concoction

    After last weeks storm the team from Film Biz Recycling open the doors to their basement shop on President St. in Gowanus, Brooklyn and discovered they were untouched by Sandy. The team didn’t even take a second to celebrate their luck, since they already knew they had more important things to do. The team at Film Biz began feverishly compiling materials and checking in with local businesses and various organization accessing what needed to be done. The group kicked off doing what they do best, taking materials they acquire from Film and Television shoots, which normally would end up at the bottom of landfills, and reuse them for something new and good. They moved quickly in the days after the storm providing appropriate clothing for those in need, taking donations (which you can still drop off!), while notify their network of people about volunteering opportunities, and requesting all hands on deck to help out neighboring businesses. They even took in Canal Creature whose space was damaged because of flooding. It’s been a busy week, but nothing outside of what Film Biz Recycling tries to do every single day. They are a group that really takes the waste made by Hollywood and turns it into something that changes people lives.

    For months prior to the hurricane, Film Biz Recycling has been planning its yearly auction fundraiser to help continue its mission of:

    preventing pollution, creating green jobs and aiding our community via the reuse and distribution of film set materials.

    Hurricane Sandy proved that they mean their mission statement.

    The fundraising event, curated by celebrities, is called Lights, Camera, Auction and is taking place Friday, November 9th, at Gowanus’s popular music venue, the Bell House! (No need to read just buy right now here!) Curated auction collection item were chosen by a wealth of celebrities including: Morgan Spulock, known for his ground breaking documentary Super Size Me…

    Jimmy Diresta, of DIY Network’s series Against the Grain; Jessi Arrington owner of Workshop and TED speaker; Kurt Braunohler of the local variety show Hot Tub and host for IFC’s comedy game show Bunk; Buffi Jashanmal of Project Runway; Rena D’Angelo, Emmy winning set decorator for Mad Men. These celebrities have come up with some freaking cool collections that include items like: a painted image of Petro from Napoleon Dynamite original Evilesque type cape,  something with unicorns, a Sienfeld boardgame, an originally amoir, and more awesome stuff. Not only do they have the celebrity collections they also have silent auction collections items like: Disco stuff, Star Trek items, weird stuff from the Twilight movies, Packers fans gear, Brooklyn stuff, Canal Creature items, a baby doll signed by Paul Rudd, and even items with Naughty pictures. It’s insane. Like really seriously insane. The amount of cool stuff will blow your mind!

    The event will be hosted by local celebrity Dale of Dale Radio. Plus, the toe tapping musical stylings of The Allen Oldies Band

    To top it all off the event has tacos from Oaxaca and sliders for the soon to be open Root Hill Burger… and of course beer from Brooklyn’s own Brooklyn Brewery!

    Film Biz Recycling needs your help and they are going to entertain the f*ck out of you to get you to bid for some items you’d want anyway!

    Tickets are $40 bucks, but we got the hook up for you GYFO readers! That’s right… you peeps get a discount if you buy tickets now and enter the code “Gowanus”. It’s $25 bucks for you!



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