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    Art Insight talks with Brooklyn Lyceum‘s program director Eric Richmond about the unique old bath house and presents poetry from Shahar Mevorach, Gabriella Belfiglio, Avram Kline, Hrsh Reyalitee of Founder of Street Poets NYC, and DaRuddest Jones Street Poets NYC.

  • Dale Radio wants to spend time with you

    Dale of Dale Radio wants to hang out with you. Not in a like a creepy way, but in a: “hey, your cool, so what that’s all about”, kind of way. But more than just hanging out with you… Dale wants to capture you being you, being cool you, doing cool stuff… you on the interwebs! aDale’s got a Camera, a film crew, all he needs is a little kickstart to hang out and capture the fine folk that live on this planet. Check it out..

    Kickstart Dale off right here!!!!!


    For the 16th year artist in Brooklyn will open their doors to the public for the Annual Gowanus Studio Tour (AGAST). This year there are 150 artist participating in the event, which stretches across all of South Brooklyn: Gowanus, Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, and Cobble Hill in 40 different venues. Artist of all types will have their work on display to show just how freaking creative humanity can be! What’s really cool about this event and why it’s extremely popular, even internationally, is because you get to actually meet the artist behind the work. This means when you wonder through the residential and industrial streets on this self guided tour you will be able to discover the artist behind interesting, unique, fabulous, and brilliant creative art!

    The is Oct 13th & 14th 12-6pm with a closing party 6pm Sunday.

    Check out AGAST’s website for more details, a pdf of the tour map, and an interactive google tour map.


  • It’s about to get scary… Warehouse of Horrors: Gowanus ’73

    One of the best things about October (besides the beer) is getting your scare on. There is really nothing like having something go boo! at you to get your heart racing. It’s invigorating… almost like a workout! And boy do the kids over at Ugly Rhino have a workout for you. They are setting up a new spooky unique haunted house at the Brooklyn Lyceum filled with tragedy and terror called Warehouse of Horrors: Gowanus ’73The back story behind the haunted house goes like this…

    it’s 1970s Brooklyn (most likely super sketchy night time 1970s Brooklyn)….

    After a string of mysterious and grotesque murders at an underground rave party, a complex web of mafia relations, crooked cops, and dangerous drug dealers is revealed.

    The show uses non-traditional storytelling of “social atmosphere” to engage the audience in a very unique way. This means the audience gets to encounters characters and hear each of their stories. Plus, to help everyone feel social the audience will be armed with cocktails, which come free with the purchase of tickets (21+ of course).

    This sounds all spooky and fantastic!

    UglyRhino’s Warehouse of Horrors: Gowanus ‘73 will run October 11-November at The Brooklyn Lyceum (227 4th Avenue at Union Street, Brooklyn), Wednesday through Saturday at 8pm. Tickets ($20) are available at the door, 30 minutes prior to the show. All ticket purchases will include 3 free curated cocktails. 



  • Gowanus Circus shows in October!

    image from Gowanus Circus’s Facebook page

    The Gowanus Circus is the ultimate spectacle spectacular. The group list itself as performers…

    who ran away to join the circus who love to fly, manipulate fire, and shove spoons up their nostrils.

    And fly, play with fire, and spoon shoving they do. The group does all sorts of crazy, fun, and highly entertaining things. Here’s a few examples from the show they did recently at the Gowanus Ballroom

    The Gowanus Circus has some bitchen shows coming up including this weekend at the Brooklyn Lyceum and later this month at Big Sky Works.


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