“Rock and Roll Playhouse” Kids Venue/Restaurant Coming to Gowanus… with Controversy

Rock and Roll Playhouse

Rock and Roll Playhouse

Construction is underway at 280 Bond Street (corner of Degraw) on the Rock and Roll Playhouse, a new venue and restaurant that will be dedicated to family-friendly entertainment. According to the Rock and Roll Playhouse’s official website:

The Rock and Roll Playhouse (RRPH) is a new concept in family friendly entertainment, located at 280 Bond Street in Brooklyn. The nearly hundred-year-‐old building that the RRPH occupies is currently undergoing a complete renovation, scheduled for completion later this year. In renovating, it is our goal to preserve the historic details of this beautiful building, while making a series of improvements to create a safe environment for family learning and entertainment in accordance with the RRPH mission.

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Go Shopping Sunday Without the Kids


If you have kids you know one of the hardest times of year is from now to the end of the month. This month is jammed packed with so much holiday stuff. It so difficult to go to every little event and even more impossible to find time to shop! When you do find a moment to run and get gifts, what do you do with the kids? Leave them at home to cause chaos? No! That’d be silly. You can totally just drop them off for a few hours at the Brooklyn Robot Foundry! They have this amazing class called “Kids Play, You Shop”  that take place on Sundays this month. Kids get to learn about, you guessed it, ROBOTS, while you run around and get their or everyone elses gifts. That’s seems awesome enough, but there is an even more awesome element to this class. If you drop your kids off at Robot Foundry you can totally get discounts at local restaurants, boutiques, and even a gym!

Right now you can get a discount at the following places: 718 Cyclery, A. Cheng, By Brooklyn, Film Biz Recycling, Flirt, Juice Haven, Root Hill Burger, Root Hill Cafe, the Brooklyn Craft Central Annual Holiday Market (Dec 15/16 & 22/23), Garfield’s, Cotta-Bene, and Captain Quinn’s.

This sounds too good to be true! It’s like a dream!

Check out the class info here.

Made In Gowanus Tours


Take a stroll around Gowanus, the Superest Superfunded neighborhood, to see who’s reigniting the American maker movement with Made In Brooklyn Tours. The tour will take you around the industrial neighborhood so you can learn about this neighborhoods fascinating and unmatched history. (How fascinating you may ask? try 1st American Revolution  and industrial revolution fascinating!)

Check out the detail of the tour:

Made in GOWANUS Tour <–click for tickets
Visit the heart of Brooklyn’s “maker movement” via its main artery and historic industrial waterway, the Gowanus Canal. See who’s makin’ it in Gowanus!

Made in Brooklyn Tours are guided walking tours with a Made in Brooklyn theme. They tell the story of Brooklyn’s rich manufacturing heritage and today’s thriving “maker movement”. On Made in Brooklyn Tours the stars of the show make works of glass, metal and wood. They’re makin’ wine, chocolate, ravioli and more. All designed and Made in Brooklyn. Celebrate the creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of Brooklynites past and present. Don’t just come to see Brooklyn. Get to know the captains of industry who made it here and the aspiring entrepreneurs who are makin’ it in Brooklyn today!


Additional Details
Made in Brooklyn Tours are designed for adults in small to mid-sized groups for an especially good time together. No two tours – even of the same neighborhood – are alike. Tours last about three hours and each is a unique experience. We’ll make a number of stops moving at a leisurely pace. You’re encouraged to return to your favorites after the tour to shop, eat or drink. Please arrive a little early and use the restroom before we start. We’ll be outside much of the time so dress appropriately for the weather. Wear comfortable walking shoes, bring a bottle of water, and don’t forget your camera!

Get your tickets HERE

Learn about other maker tours in Brooklyn at: www.MadeInBrooklynTours.com

Building Robots Is Totally For Little Girls


Gowanus’s fun kid friendly robot making shop, the Brooklyn Robot Foundry, is now offer courses just for girls. The classes titled the Robot Girls’ Club will allow girls to build and customize their very own robot. Plus, unlike other classes parents will totally be allow to build with their daughters.

DNAinfo has more details here.



Bonus Your Face Off

A video featuring the little mad scientist that build robots in Robot Foundry!

Shuffleboard Debate Ends


After coming up with a new (old timey) venue concept, trying to find common ground with opposing neighbors, pulling and resubmitting an application for a liquor license, and waiting through another really really long Community Board Six (CB6) meeting, the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Parlor has been approved for a liquor license. At last nights meetings there were lots of people who waiting around through other venues’ liquor license applications to see the finale of the Shuffleboard liquor license debate. Ashley and Jonathan, owners of the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Parlor, resubmitted their case for their venue with another presentation that included: all the compromises they had made to appease neighbors who lived across the street (Union Organize), a whole lot of names on a petition in support of the venue, letters of recommendation, a smarty pants lawyer to provide legal advice, and actual local people who were able to voice their support. One of those supporter was a well-known eco-business owner, Eva Radke owner of Film Biz Recycling who stated at last night meeting:

“Community is important to the ethos that we do…. When I first heard about [the shuffleboard venue] I got very upset, upset that I didn’t think of it first”

Of course Eva and other locals went on to talk about how the venue would help the community, would be a great place for local families, and that Shuffleboard is a really fun game that they all wished to play.

The Royal Palms had lots of concessions they had made that included: no roof access, no people being out front smoking or waiting to get into the venue, smart security, food trucks (also not out front of the venue, but rather inside the venue), and closing on weekdays at 12:15a and weekends 2:15am. The closing early concession is one of the biggest because most, if not all local bars stay open till at least 2am or 4am. This includes Canal Bar just around the corning, which stays open every night till 4am.

The board voted 9 to 6 to approve the liquor license for the venue with a last call a half hour before closing.

And with that the debate ended. A venue that has been misrepresented by some of the media as a boozey Williamsburgesque night club has finally been able to convince a majority that Shuffling will be something fun and wholesome for the Gowanus and Community Board Six area.

“I want to go have a drink and learn how to play shuffleboard!”

Even Union Organized, a group that had been admittedly opposed to the Royal Palms, had members shaking hands with Ashley and Jonathan last night and were overheard saying:

“they had tried to meet lots of demands… and… the process works!”

Although this statement may not represent all those who have been in opposition of the venue.

Ashley and Jonathan of the Royal Palms were extremely happy with the result. Jonathan looked visibly exhausted from all the stress and really was just happy for the debate to be over. Ashley took a moment to respond to us about how they were felling:

“We are just so thrilled with the outcome. I feel like the system came through for everyone involved. We’re happy, the neighbors are happy, the committee is happy. We had an opportunity to meet so many more people in the community than we would have had we not had to go through this process and we’re better off because of it,”

We agree with Ashley! And although this kind of community outreach done before a venue opens is unheard of according to some CB6 board members, the connection with locals will help bring business and maintain the focus for the venue, which is to be a friendly fun place to play shuffleboard.

Frankly we wish we could go play Shuffleboard right now! Like right freaking now!

Cause everyone’s gonna be Shuffling…


Bonus Your Face Off
The Royal Palms not only will have actually Shuffleboard courts, but Shuffleboard table top games too. Check out this super long Shuffleboard table from their Facebook page:


After School Build A Robot!


Kids, need things to do. Like constantly… seriously they never stop! So what do you do when you’re at work and they are getting out of school? Leave them at home to dirty up the apartment? That sounds like a bad idea. How about an after school program with Robots?! There’s probably some study out there that shows that kids and robots go together like PB&J! Kids love freaking Robots! And how cool would it be if they got to build their own?

Brooklyn Robot Foundry is offer some great after school programs to keep kids busy and learning too. Not only do they have Robot Crafting for the younger kids, but also Electronic Popup Books and Hummingbird Programming for the older kids Check out these cool classes:

Wednesdays - Grades preK- Robot Crafting
- New Offering!
Wednesdays - Grades K-1- Robot Crafting
- Added a few additional spots
Thursdays - Grades 3-4 – Electronic Popup Books
- Spots still available
Fridays - 5th Graders only – Hummingbird Programming
-  Spots still available

 They also offer pickups too!


Interview w/ Samantha & Melisa of Curious Jane


Curious Jane is camp programs that offers 1st-6th grade girls the opportunity to learn about design, building, and science in an all female environment. The organization offers girls project-based hands-on classroom activities, which promote problem solving and creativity. Recently the organization moved its home based to Gowanus, Brooklyn.

We popped in on President/Founder, Samantha Razook Murphy, and Marketing and Outreach Coordinator, Melisa Coburn to find out details about their organization, their new experience here in Gowanus, and their upcoming fall market called Gowanus Girls Indie Design + Food Mart.

Melisa Coburn & Samantha Razook Murphy in front of the ‘War Board’

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