• Will Whole Foods Spell the End of Carroll Gardens Family Businesses?

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    If you thought that the new Whole Foods in Gowanus wouldn’t have much impact upon the myriad long-standing mom-and-pop businesses of Carroll Gardens, think again. Brooklyn’s first Whole Foods is aggressively courting residents of the adjacent Brooklyn neighborhood — known for its small, family-run specialty food stores — with an aggressive ad campaign at the Carroll Street subway station.

    It’s sad to think about, but Whole Foods almost certainly means the demise of some of these businesses, many of whom were some of the only stores selling certain fare in all of South Brooklyn until Whole Foods came around. As if it weren’t clear enough in the abstract, it all came into perfect focus when I ventured down to Whole Foods to take advantage of a $20 coupon they’d dropped in my mailbox, my first official shopping sojourn at the new store.

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  • Fort Reno BBQ is Closed for Good, Set to Re-Open Soon as Taco Joint

    It appears my Gowanus BBQ review piece from the end of 2013 is already a bit outdated: the first of the three BBQ joints to inhabit the environs of the Gowanus officially closed its doors before the holidays and will not be re-opening, according to HeresParkSlope.com. Apparently even the run-off from overcrowding at the recently opened Dinosaur BBQ across the street wasn’t enough to keep the joint open.

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  • Dinosaur Wins the Gowanus BBQ Wars!

    Photo Credit: UrbanEdgeNY.com

    I’ve finally (finally!) had a chance to try out the not-so-new-anymore Dinosaur BBQ outpost in Gowanus, and the verdict is in: Dinosaur wins the Gowanus BBQ wars!

    How Gowanus, of all places, became host to three excellent BBQ joints still remains a mystery; I suppose it’s a confluence of the [relatively] cheap rent and available space in the neighborhood with the peaking BBQ trend in NYC. But so it is: Fletcher’s, Fort Reno and Dinosaur all co-exist within a few blocks of each other. What are their strengths and weaknesses? Does one win out overall?

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  • Kanan Indian Restaurant Coming to Third Avenue in Gowanus

    Kanan Indian Restaurant Kanan Indian Restaurant

    Indian food is coming to Gowanus: construction for the Kanan Indian Restaurant at 452 Third Ave. between 8th and 9th Streets looks to be nearly complete.

    The restaurant will be a family-owned establishment that sees Samar Singha partnering with his son Sushan on the venture with Samar’s wife contributing in the kitchen as well. Samar was previously a minority partner in two locations of the Kinara Indian Restaurant, one at 368 Myrtle Ave in Fort Greene and one at 473 5th Ave in Park Slope, although he is no longer involved with either. The new restaurant will be entirely his own operation, together with his son.

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  • Newsflash: Cotta Bene’s Lunch Storefront Has AMAZING Sandwiches!

    Gowanus residents probably know Cotta Bene, the pizza restaurant at the corner of 3rd Avenue and Carroll. Maybe you’ve stopped in for a slice, ordered a pie, or enjoyed a delicious eggplant parmigiana. Or all of the above, as we’ve been doing ever since it opened as Bencotto a few years back.

    But did you know Cotta Bene has a separate storefront just around the corner on Carroll that’s open only for breakfast and lunch? It’s a small operation in a one-story building (if you could call it a “building”) wedged in between two taller ones, the entire thing maybe ten feet wide if that, so small the counter opens right out onto the sidewalk. There is no room for sitting inside, just a simple bench on the curb. They specialize in hot food, the kind that can be prepared on a short order grill, mostly sandwiches, but with a bit more love than your average lunch spot and higher quality ingredients. I’ve walked past a hundred times but hadn’t tried their food until recently. Boy, was I glad I did.

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  • In a world where cooking is boring and lame and filled with nothing but normalcy… comes an dinning event so epic that you won’t even know the people you’re eating with. 

    Choas Cooking goes like this. You get a bunch of people in one room… make some awesome food… and watch the socializing unfold. It’s epic! (we know we used the word epic already, but it’s the best word…deal). Here’s why it’s epic: Attendees get a 100-Course Meal for $20 and only 150 peeps can go. So, do the math. That’s a lot of food, with a lot of great peeps, for like nothing. What are you going to do April 11th sit at home and watch House of Cards? Don’t be lame get out a be social!

    CCC_Image_Girl_2more details:

    Chaos Cooking Cambodia Hosted by Gowanus Girls
    A Spontaneous, 100-Course Meal * Part of the Forward Festival, celebrating Cambodian Arts + Culture * A Very Loose Theme, Cook What You Like!
    Thursday, April 11, 7pm – midnight
    Gowanus Loft – 61 9th Street, #C8, bet 2nd Ave + Smith St, Brooklyn
    $20 / person, space limited

    Tix + full info!

    Bonus: Gowanus Girl’s website says there are a few other nice people join the fun:

    “fab tarot card reader (Theda Jackson-Mau— she was also at our market last fall and she’s phenomenal), tunes by DJ Claudio and retro-fun from our friends over at The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Parlor.



  • Runner & Stone Opens!

    This morning the sun filled 285 Third Avenue illuminating a uniquely designed new eatery in Gowanus, Brooklyn called Runner & Stone. The space, which was under construction for months (and discussed previously), has been transformed from an old law office into a beautifully laid out bakery and restaurant.

    Today, for their soft opening, Runner & Stone offered up lots of tasty treats for curious locals who started flooding in just before 9:00am.

    Upon exploring the space customers could see why construction took so long. The eatery has not one, but two levels…

    a skylight garden…

    and not just a full kitchen, but a bakery area to make pastries and bread.

    The space is filled with beautifully crafted thick wooden tables made from old water towers.

    And the walls of the space have an interesting texture look with concrete bricks shaped by the use of old flour bags.

    It’s truly a warm and inviting space!

    Runner and Stone‘s opening marks yet another dramatic shift for Gowanus’s Third Avenue. The Avenue that runs through an industrial neighborhood, exploded recently with many new businesses trying to take advantage of the seemingly endless foot traffic that is usually only found in Park Slope and Carroll Gardens. Runner and Stone joins Cotta Bene, a delicious Italian restaurant (best Italian rolls ever!), in focusing on not only the dinner market, but the breakfast/lunch market to fulfill the populations needs. Runner & Stone and Cotta Bene are a part of a growing dining scene that includes the popular clam shack Littleneck, Littleneck’s sister space The Pines, and the well know, pork chop offering, haunt Two Tom’s. But restaurants are not all that have taking over Third Avenue; unique stores like Twig Terrariums and the Brooklyn Robot Foundry  have appeared and started proving business can indeed grow and grow fast along Third Avenue in the once forgotten neighborhood of Gowanus, Brooklyn.


  • Inside Runner & Stone

    Late one evening after a Twig Terrariums Halloween party we had the privilege of taking a tour of the new soon to open Gowanus neighborhood bakery, restaurant, and bar, Runner & Stone. Runner & Stone has been building for months, while also still offering tasty treats at the Brooklyn Flea. Their place, still under construction, is on 3rd Avenue between President St. and Carroll St. and is surprisingly huge. When you walk in there is a bar on the right side that holds one sexy looking espresso machine…

    And just across from the bar you’ll find space for seating… which you can kind of see in this crappy picture we took when we walked in… Read more ›


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