• Fletcher’s Sign is up.

    Fletcher’s BBQ, at 433 Third Avenue between 7th & 8th streets, has got its sign up! According to their website they are set to open this Fall and as of 9 days ago a tweet from their twitter handle, @FletchersBklyn, stated:

    we’re trying as hard as possible to open these doors!

    We hope they open their doors soon. We need to try some of their yummy BBQ!!! Yeah Meat!


  • Avlee Greek Restaurant Opening Soon

    Avlee - Coming Soon

    The storefront that formerly belonged to the much-beloved Carroll Gardens institution Joe’s Superette at 349 Smith Street (between Carroll Street and 1st Street) now boasts a sign that reads, “Coming Fall 2012: Avlee Greek Kitchen.”

    The storefront has been under construction for several months. When we spoke to a contractor early in the summer, he told us the restaurant would serve “high-end” Greek food. If it delivers on that promise, Avlee could be a welcome addition to South Brooklyn; in our restaurant-rich neighborhood there’s a surprising lack of Greek food (or maybe not-so-surprising when we consider the neighborhood’s heavy Italian presence). Greek restaurant Athena opened last summer farther up Smith Street with its gaudy blue and white decor, but it closed this past May before we ever got to try it out.

    Let’s hope Avlee fits the bill; we’re certain they won’t serve Joe’s Superette’s incredible rice balls, but maybe a little bit of Greece is just what this neighborhood needs.

  • Root Hill Burger: “Very Soon!”

    Earlier this summer we surmised that the folks behind the Root Hill coffee shop and cafe at the corner of Carroll Street and 4th Avenue were working on a new burger joint just a couple of doors down. That GYFO dream came closer to reality over the weekend when the above sign — promising that “Root Hill Burger” would be opening “Very Soon!” — was posted on the storefront’s glass. The wooden construction panels that had been surrounding the storefront for the past few months have been removed as well.

    Gowanus needs a good burger joint: Two 8 Two Burger, Mooburger and Bonnie’s are all just a little too far out of reach for regular neighborhood snackin’. Can’t wait.

  • Gowanus About To Go Ape

    When you walk up into Park Slope along 5th Avenue the smell of delicious coffee gets stronger and stronger as you approach Park Place. The scent is familiar to Park Slope residents and the thousands of loyalist that swear allegiance to the brand know as Gorilla. We have friends that are crazy devoted fans… these folks like so many others simple won’t drink anything else. It’s Gorilla or nothing. And we ourselves agree that the taste is something very unique and something we have gladly walked through a multitude of weaving texting Scroller Moms to get to. Now that we think about it. Going to Gorilla from Gowanus is totally like Donkey Kong. You have to jump of barrels (kids in stroller), and those barrels turn into fire (whining kid in stroller). Then you have to climb up things (getting out of bed and that damn incline from the Slope part of Park Slope) …and when you get there you get a princess… wait no, no it’s not really like Donkey Kong. Unless a princess is a sweet shot of coffee!

    Anyways, Gorilla is always worth the trip cause it taste wonderful.

    But why are we talking about Gorilla…aside from the fact that they are a Brooklyn Roasted coffee and we luv everything Brooklyn… It’s this news…

    RUMOR has it that Gorilla just contracted a place down in Gowanus on President between 3rd Ave. and Nevins. The D’Amato Printing building will supposedly be the new home of Gorilla’s coffee roasting business. That means Gowanus is about to get a coffee smell to cover up the smell of the Gowanus Canal. Plus, now we can tell the devoted Gorilla drinkers that there most favorite coffee is made right here in Gowanus, Brooklyn.


    This is just a rumor, but we surely hope it’s true!



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