• Another Eatery by Littleneck?

    It’s no secret that the Gowanus’s first clam shack, Littleneck, has been very successful. Just last week they were in the New Yorker and the week before it was the New York Times or maybe it was the New York Post? No one can really remembers what came out when at this point, it’s just abundantly clear that Littleneck is a big hit!  But the clam shack owner’s, who started their success with a kickstarter, aren’t just content with one popular place in Gowanus. Just a few doors down from Littleneck inside what was once Tony’s bagels, construction is underway on some type of eatery (maybe with tapas) by the clam shack boys and another investor. Details about what food and drinks that will be served are not yet set in stone…or at least being kept secret for the time being. If you poke your head inside the new venue you will find a wooden bar on the right side and some rural aesthetics, similar to the atmosphere found in Littleneck. Unlike Littleneck though, this place has a nice backyard, which we are sure the clam shack boys and their new investor will design to be a romantic hideaway underneath a glorious Gowanus sky. Right now the eatery is scheduled to open at some point in July.

    This place will join a growing scene in the area that includes: Brooklyn Robot Foundry, Cotta-Bene’s, Twig Terrariums, Runners & Stone (coming in Fall), Monte’s, Gowanus Grove, LittleneckCanal Bar, Film Biz Recycling, Keur Djembe Drum Shop, Triomph Fitness, Swoon718 Cyclery, Juice Haven, Brooklyn Boulder, Littleneck,  Gowanus Arts Building, and so many more!


  • A Dog Gone Good Time – Badass BBQ

    The best events are always ones that allow you to multitask. For example at the upcoming BassAss BBQ you can eat, drink, and save animals all at once.

    Here’s how the event will go…

    For $25.00 you can eat BBQ till you explode and get a free drink too! And if that’s not awesome enough then you can totally find a four-legged friend to help you eat said BBQ (safely) by adopting a dog from Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue.

    According to the event page:

    “Every penny Badass raises goes entirely to one cause: rescuing incredible dogs.”

    No one can really beat something so unbelievably kick-ass! The Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue group has rescued and found homes for 275 dogs since last spring. Saving animals is the coolest and sexiest thing anyone can ever do! If someone says you can eat BBQ while doing the coolest and sexiest thing ever, that’s like the ultimate badass situation!

    This event is rolling into Gowanus May 6th, 2012 at Canal Bar. Check out details and get your tickets here.



    If you can’t make the event, but want to learn more about Badass Brooklyn check out their facebook page.


  • Gowanus Gets Fresh Food From Ithica Farmers = Yum!

    We dreamed one time that we’d eat healthy… that we’d stop our habit of eating ramen noodles as our main source of sustenance…that we’d one day eat food that didn’t come from a can. That day has come because there is yummy produce rolling into Gowanus from Ithaca, NY. Fresh healthy produce will ironically be available along the banks of the ‘river stinky’ aka the Gowanus Canal at BIG NYC!(69 9th St. Brooklyn, NY) from June to November.
    Check out the delicious details below:

    CSA Summer Shares Now Available in Brooklyn!

    The Full Plate Farm Collective has been working together for over 8 years to bring high quality, organic, and biodynamic vegetables to 500 households in the Ithaca area. This past winter we shared the taste of the Finger Lakes with Brooklyn. Based on positive feedback, we will offer a summer-season share. The share will include certified organic and biodynamic salad greens, melons, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, beets, squash, broccoli, cabbage, and much, much more. Members will also enjoy our weekly newsletter, filled with information about the veggies in your box, recipe ideas, and news from the farmers.

    Beginning June 14th, members of the Full Plate’s Brooklyn CSA can pick up a pre-packed, 1/2 bushel box of veggies from our farms at the BIG! NYC warehouse in Gowanus. Shares will be delivered every other week (June 14, 28, July 12, 26, August 9, 23, September 6, 20, October 4, 18, November 1, 15). We have a very flexible pick up window and are building a cooler so that your vegetables will stay fresh. They can be picked-up anytime during business hours, beginning late-afternoon on Thursday through 5pm Sunday of each delivery week. Come get your share of the harvest!

    Where: BIG! NYC, 69 9th St. Brooklyn, NY

    When: Every other Thursday’s, June through November

    How Much: $325 for 12 boxes of organic produce over the period of 23 weeks

    To sign up: Please visit our website or call our coordinator Sara for more information. (607) 379 – 2866



    Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between a local farm and members of the surrounding community. The Full Plate Farm Collective CSA is a collective model, where multiple farms work together to provide produce for a common membership and the community pledges to support the farm. By making a financial commitment to a farm, people become “members” of the CSA and receive a weekly share of produce.


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