• Go Joe! Become Snake Eyes at Cut Brooklyn Workshop

    How many times has your obsession with Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe melded  into your culinary lifestyle? Don’t lie…we’ve seen you put on your best ninja outfit and go to town a carrot. But, as you know, and is clearly seen with that mangled tomatoes on your cutting board (for God sakes it looks like you hit with a hammer), you lack the cutting abilities to really be a precise ‘commando’ in the kitchen. What you need is some cutlery skills! We suggest a class from the Cut Brooklyn Workshop. Starting Wednesday, June 15th, they will begin twice monthly knife skills classes with Chef Richard Krause. For 20 years Chef Krause has cook in and owned eateries in New York and California. So you know he knows a thing or two about preparing food with knives.

    Check out the full details:

    Knife Skills Classes at the Cut Brooklyn Workshop!

    First class: Wednesday, June 15, 7-10pm; $90

    Full participation classes, with instruction in:

    • Holding your knife and the mechanics of cutting
    • Knife safety
    • Setting up a cutting station
    • Popular cuts for meals and snacks, including dice, julienne, and chiffonade
    • Caring for your knife and keeping it sharp

    Our classes will offer a solid foundation in knife skills as the first step to having more fun in the kitchen. Students will learn to be comfortable wielding their chef’s knife for everything from dicing an onion to smashing open a clove of garlic to creating a perfect crudité platter.

    We believe the best learning comes from doing, so the last 30-60 minutes of each class will be devoted to individual practice, with our instructor standing by to answer questions and demonstrate techniques. Students bringing their own knife should arrive 20-30 minutes early for Joel to tune up their blade for class, free of charge. If you don’t bring your own knife, we’ll be happy to provide one.

    Our instructor, Chef Richard Krause, has cooked in and owned restaurants in New York and California for more than 20 years. He wrote the original menu for Wolfgang Puck’s legendary Chinois in 1983, and has served as executive chef at several New York eateries, including Café Luxembourg.

    For further details or to sign up shoot us an email at: 

    The Cut Brooklyn Workshop is located in Gowanus, where owner/operator Joel Bukiewicz makes and sells his high-performance, handmade knives to home and professional cooks from Brooklyn and around the world.”

    Head over to CutBrooklyn.com to learn more or to get a blade.

    Oh, and don’t wear your ninja outfit to the class, cause you look ridiculous! Go Joe!

    Bonus Your Face Off

    InTheMo.com takes a look at the man who is a ‘cut above the rest’, owner of Cut Brooklyn, Joel Bukiewicz.

  • Hell Yeah! Bike Gowanus!

    If you’ve got two wheels then check this out! The Historic District Council is rocking a Bike Tour for Gowanus. If you’ve never pedal through the factory-filed zone then you have really missed out. In addition to the great architecture and graffitied backdrops of the industrialized neighborhood the curbs and potholes make for excellent bike acrobatics. Check out the details below for the Bike Tour or head over to the Historic District Council’s website to purchase tickets: hdc.org


    Come join us for a series of tours throughout 2011, highlighting our Six to Celebrate neighborhoods. The Gowanus is a unique area that largely retains its industrial character, with some of the local businesses dating back more than 75 years. In recent years, plans for the canal have conflicted with the existing character of the neighborhood and some significant industrial structures have been demolished for out-of-scale, out of character, speculative development. However, with the canal’s recent designation as a federal Superfund site, there is now an opportunity to successfully advocate for the preservation of the industrial character of the area and retention of significant structures associated with this history. This tour concludes with a presentation by Friends and Residents of Greater Gowanus, which is working on a comprehensive survey of the neighborhood. Bikes will not be provided.

    Date: Saturday, June 4, 11am
    Location: Meeting location and directions for this tour will be provided upon registration. Tours generally last approximately two hours.

    Please Note: You Must Bring Your Own Bike, No Bikes Will Be Provided

    Fee: $10 per person/$5 for Friends of HDC, Seniors and Students.
    Tickets can be purchased here.
    A limited number of tickets are available for area residents. Please contact [email protected] if you are an area resident.
    Advance registration is required and space is limited.

    June 4th, 2011



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