• TEDxGowanus Free “Instameet Up and Tour” This Saturday

    tedxgowanusTEDxGowanus — an event featuring TED-style talks inspired by the unique ideas, stories and arts that have incubated in or are related to the Gowanus area – is coming to the Green Building on Union Street this January 26th. More details about the event in our previous coverage.

    But you won’t have to wait until the 26th for the fun to begin: this Saturday at 2 PM, author and historian Joseph Alexiou – who will be participating in the event on the 26th — is leading an “Instameet Up” tour of the Gowanus Canal. Here’s a description from the event’s Facebook page:

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  • Residential Building at 123 Third Street Has Been Demolished

    123 Third Street 123 Third Street123 Third Street 123 Third Street

    The dilapidated three-family residential building at 123 Third Street, between Bond Street and Third Avenue, was demolished over the course of the past two weeks. The building had been in horrible condition for years with siding panels falling off and cracks running down the facade, and had been boarded up for months. Local sources claim a squatter who had been occupying the building had to be vacated before its demolition. You’ve probably passed this building a hundred times without paying much attention to it; it’s next to the Fumi hair salon on the corner of Bond and Third Streets.

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  • Twenty Years in Gowanus: The Bridgerunners Motorcycle Club

    Photo by Joel Zimmer.

    Those intimately familiar with the buildings in and around Gowanus have surely passed the above nondescript two-story affair on the southwest corner of Butler and Nevins Streets, abutting the Canal’s northern terminus. Even if you happened to take the time to stop and check it out, you could’ve easily missed the discrete signage announcing the building’s current purpose: the home of Brooklyn’s Bridgerunners Motorcycle Club.

    The building housing the club was built as the Gowanus Station of the City of New York’s Water Supply Distribution system; its one-time role in the city’s water distribution is unclear (The Gowanus Station is not mentioned in NYC’s official history of the system, although it’s possible this particular one wasn’t used for drinking water).

    The building may or may not be “19th century industrial architecture” according to the doofus in the below Curbed video who comes to the poorly-researched conclusion that the Bridgerunners are “some kind of running club”:

    The Bridgerunners Motorcycle Club took residence in the building in 1993, a year after their formation on Walcott Street in Red Hook. According to the BRMC website, ”It’s [sic] members are dedicated to brotherhood, respect and the art of motorcycle riding.” Here’s a picture of the BMRC taken in Red Hook from back in 1992 [via the BMRC Facebook page]:

    BRMC 1992

    And some modern day shots, also from Facebook, taken at the BRMC’s 20th anniversary block party this past summer:

    And a few more from the official BRMC website:

    One of the things we love about Gowanus is the variety of people attracted to its swampy environs. It’ll be a shame when the tide of gentrification takes hold en masse and forces out gritty New Yorkers like the members of Bridgerunners, who staked their claim here 20 years ago.

  • Made In Gowanus Tours

    Take a stroll around Gowanus, the Superest Superfunded neighborhood, to see who’s reigniting the American maker movement with Made In Brooklyn Tours. The tour will take you around the industrial neighborhood so you can learn about this neighborhoods fascinating and unmatched history. (How fascinating you may ask? try 1st American Revolution  and industrial revolution fascinating!)

    Check out the detail of the tour:

    Made in GOWANUS Tour <–click for tickets
    Visit the heart of Brooklyn’s “maker movement” via its main artery and historic industrial waterway, the Gowanus Canal. See who’s makin’ it in Gowanus!

    Made in Brooklyn Tours are guided walking tours with a Made in Brooklyn theme. They tell the story of Brooklyn’s rich manufacturing heritage and today’s thriving “maker movement”. On Made in Brooklyn Tours the stars of the show make works of glass, metal and wood. They’re makin’ wine, chocolate, ravioli and more. All designed and Made in Brooklyn. Celebrate the creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of Brooklynites past and present. Don’t just come to see Brooklyn. Get to know the captains of industry who made it here and the aspiring entrepreneurs who are makin’ it in Brooklyn today!


    Additional Details
    Made in Brooklyn Tours are designed for adults in small to mid-sized groups for an especially good time together. No two tours – even of the same neighborhood – are alike. Tours last about three hours and each is a unique experience. We’ll make a number of stops moving at a leisurely pace. You’re encouraged to return to your favorites after the tour to shop, eat or drink. Please arrive a little early and use the restroom before we start. We’ll be outside much of the time so dress appropriately for the weather. Wear comfortable walking shoes, bring a bottle of water, and don’t forget your camera!

    Get your tickets HERE

    Learn about other maker tours in Brooklyn at: www.MadeInBrooklynTours.com

  • New Gowanus Tattoo Shop

    Wow so excited we can’t contain ourselves!!!

    Right next door to the legendary 2 Toms restaurant will be a tattoo shop called Triple Diamond Tattoo. After a few weeks of construction the rumors about the places’arrival was made official by the sign.

    The website for Triple Diamond indicates they will open summer 2012…which we assume means very very soon with the sign and all. Their website describes the shop as a:

    fine tattooing, gallery, boutique”

    We can now get “I ♥ Gowanus” tattooed on our bum like we have always wanted to… right here in the neighborhood we luv so much! We couldn’t be more happy to have an ink joint joining the long list of upper Gowanus places that include: Brooklyn Robot Foundry, Cotta-Bene’s, Twig Terrariums, Runners & Stone (coming in Fall), Monte’s, Gowanus Grove, Littleneck, The Pines (Littleneck’s new place), Canal Bar, Film Biz Recycling, Keur Djembe Drum Shop, Triomph Fitness, Swoon, 718 Cyclery, Juice Haven, Brooklyn Boulder, Littleneck,  Gowanus Arts Building, and so so much more. Upper Gowanus is turning into the place to be… astroll down Third Ave from Sacket to 3rd St. looks like a completely different neighborhood than it did even a year ago.

  • Giant Gnome makes girl cry!

    We haven’t spoken of ‘It’ before for fear that it would come and eat us in our sleep. ‘It’ watches over Bond street and hangs out next to the John Creech D & P scenery studio. ‘It’ is super huge and when you see it, you freeze in your tracks.

    It’s the Giant Gnome!

    Up until recently ‘It’ has provided a peaceful existence for all of us by keeping the Union & Carroll Street Bridge Trolls at bay. But now we say the Giant Gnome has gone to far by making a little girl cry…


    It’s time to grab your pitchforks oh great townsfolk of Gowanus! We must rise up against the scary Giant Gnome and ask him what’s his deal?! If he is out to destroy our little houses then he must go! But if he be hungry for the taste of hipsters, then he may stay.

    Also, someone schedule a meeting to talk about the Bridge Trolls…



  • Gowanus Inch By Inch

    Gowanus Inch By Inch is an ongoing photo project capturing as much of the Gowanus area as it is right now.

    This image is of the New York and Long Island Coignet Stone Company Building at 3rd Ave. and 3rd St. This image also focuses on the unique sky seen from the Gowanus area.

  • Gowanus Inch By Inch: T.E. Conklin Brass and Copper Company

    On Nevins Street where Sackett Streets runs into the Gowanus Canal sits the T.E. Conklin Brass and Copper Warehouse. The T.E. Conklin Brass and Copper Company was founded in Manhattan in 1860 and used this Gowanus, South Brooklyn Warehouse from 1959 to 1981. The warehouse is now used by various companies including Admiral Metals. Friends of GYFO allowed us  inside to photograph the space for the ongoing series Gowanus Inch By Inch.

    Gowanus Inch By Inch is meant to archive the Gowanus area at this moment in time.



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