Kids, need things to do. Like constantly… seriously they never stop! So what do you do when you’re at work and they are getting out of school? Leave them at home to dirty up the apartment? That sounds like a bad idea. How about an after school program with Robots?! There’s probably some study out there that shows that kids and robots go together like PB&J! Kids love freaking Robots! And how cool would it be if they got to build their own?

Brooklyn Robot Foundry is offer some great after school programs to keep kids busy and learning too. Not only do they have Robot Crafting for the younger kids, but also Electronic Popup Books and Hummingbird Programming for the older kids Check out these cool classes:

Wednesdays - Grades preK- Robot Crafting
- New Offering!
Wednesdays - Grades K-1- Robot Crafting
- Added a few additional spots
Thursdays - Grades 3-4 – Electronic Popup Books
- Spots still available
Fridays - 5th Graders only – Hummingbird Programming
-  Spots still available

 They also offer pickups too!