• Robots Taking Over Gowanus

    Breaking News: Gowanus is to be overrun by cutesy robots!

    Maybe not overrun, but at least partially re-zoned for Robots…

    The Brooklyn Robot Foundry signed a lease February 1st for 303 3rd Avenue in the Home Ec space. (no word on what happened to Home Ec, which only seemed to have been closed only for the winter.) Who are the Brooklyn Robot Foundry and are they the makers of our future mechanical overlords? well, not exactly. The Brooklyn Robot Foundry is:

    dedicated to providing children with opportunities to learn through hands-on, project-based learning activities. Typically, these activities center around building robots – because robots are awesome, and kids know that instinctively.”

    We agree robots are awesome and kids love robots. We love Robots! (we love them so much we already had the image above created for fun!) The Brooklyn Foundry has classes that teach kids about engineering and electronic principles. Classes are for ages 4-11 and involve designing, building, and playing with robots. Sounds pretty darn sweet if you ask us! This weekend they will be having their first class in their new space and are planning on having an opening party very soon.

    Check out there website for more details: BrooklynRobotFoundry.com



  • 2 BBQ Places on the Park Slope & Gowanus Boarder

    Okay, so we found out we were asleep on the watch about this particular issue, but the rumors and information got a little confusing. If you read the title of this piece (which we’ll wait for you to do so or do so again)… you see that there are not one but two new BBQ places on the Park Slope & Gowanus Boarder.

    First… Up in Park Slope on Union just off 4th Ave. Fort Reno has opened. The BBQ place, which is in the former Maria’s spot, is rumored to be owned by the same people that own Palo Santo. You know Palo Santo… it’s that place with the amazing food halfway up the block between 4th Ave and 5th Ave on Union. You remember… you took your date there cause it’s like the best place! Anyway, the Fort Reno place doesn’t have a menu up on there website yet, but they do have very cute icons to represent the BBQ that you’ll be eating and booze you’ll be drinking. Check it out…


    Now here’s where we got confused. Just down the street at 604 Union Street (btw 3rd & 4th Ave) the regional chain Dinosaur BBQ is opening up. We are not sure how we missed this whole thing considering there is a giant sign on the the buildings door notifying people of a meeting about the place opening.  Anyway.. Dinosaur BBQ… is a well know regional NY chain. They apparently started in Albany and moved to various cities throughout the State. When we mentioned this to Harlem friends they drooled a little bit, which is an indication that it is really good or something wrong with our friends. We are a bit concerned though that the new business might get rid of the memorial murals that are painted on the building. These murals are beautiful and we are not sure if it would be right for them to be removed from the buildings facade .

    We can get behind the idea of BBQ  in Gowanus/Park Slope and we can totally dig a BBQ battle that is sure to be saucy!

  • Smoothy Type Place Opens in Gowanus

    We don’t have much details yet, but late yesterday a new ‘Juice Haven’ opened up on Third Avenue at Union Street in the location of the hot dog joint! We stopped in for a moment and found that they didn’t have a menu up yet… although they did have literature on wheatgrass, which is cool. 


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