• Lightstone Group Says Hurricane Sandy Flooding Will Not Alter Development Plans

    In a recent article for The New York Times highlighting the damage sustained to buildings in Gowanus by the Canal’s floodwaters during Hurricane Sandy, a representative for the Lightstone Group — the developers behind the massive, 700-unit development that will break ground at 363-365 Bond Street in late 2013 — was quoted as saying that the canal and its toxic overflow will not impact the development’s plans at all:

    Ethan Geto, a spokesman for Lightstone, said that the plans for the project already take into account significant flooding and will not need to be altered. The buildings will be raised above the sidewalks, nine feet above high-tide level. The plans also call for state-of-the-art bulkheads and a new storm drain system to keep sewage from spilling into the canal.

    Oh well… it was wishful thinking to assume the development’s plans would be halted or altered in any way. But someone might want to tell Mr. Geto that Sandy’s floodwaters rose 14 feet above sea level.

  • Twig Terrarium’s Halloween Grand Opening

    It was just over a month ago that we notice Twig Terrarium‘s new giant branch sign over their shop on 3rd Ave between President and Carroll Street. This large eye catching sign officially marked Twig Terrariums move from one side of 3rd Avenue to the other. The terrarium building business left their old space on 3rd Avenue and President St last May for new roomier space in the old Set Gallery. They recently sent out a note inviting everyone to see their new space. They are throwing a Ghoulish Grand Opening on October 26th!
    This party should be crazy festive! We went to their last opening at the previous locations and drank some crazy cocktails from a bubbling cauldron! Plus, their new space has some new featuring like a terrarium building area and some type of giant tree that sits in the center of the main room of the new space.

    The space is like a magical universe where worlds are all inside little bottles. We like to go and pretend we are some type of deity looking down on existence! Guess we are going to need a Zeus costume for the party… see you there!

  • CB6 Says: Bond Street Condo A Go Go…

    Despite its own sub-committee voting ‘no’ and despite a petition from FROGG with over 450 names in opposition, Community Board Six voted in favor of the Lightstone Group building a 700 unit condo at 363-365 Bond St. (formerly the Brothers property).

    PardonMeForAsking has the play by play from the meeting, which you should read. It opens with:

    Last night’s monthly meeting of Community Board 6…left many…scratching their heads and wondering about the board’s integrity.

    Read the story here.

  • Building Robots Is Totally For Little Girls

    Gowanus’s fun kid friendly robot making shop, the Brooklyn Robot Foundry, is now offer courses just for girls. The classes titled the Robot Girls’ Club will allow girls to build and customize their very own robot. Plus, unlike other classes parents will totally be allow to build with their daughters.

    DNAinfo has more details here.



    Bonus Your Face Off

    A video featuring the little mad scientist that build robots in Robot Foundry!

  • Petition to Stop Lightstone’s Larger Version of the Toll Brothers Site

    Some Gowanus residents are very angry about the 12 story 700 unit condo project from the Lightstone Group, that is to be build without having to go through any of the normal approval procedures. This is because Limestone is building on a site already approved for residential condos (abandoned Toll Brothers Project). But… and there is a big BUT here, the location was only approved for a design that was 8 stories tall and had 447-units as oppose to 12 stories tall and 700 units. Residents want to have a say in a project that is much larger that previously approved.

    Friends & Residents of the Greater Gowanus (FROGG) have put together a petition for people to sign opposing the project. The petition request: a Proper Democratic ProcessFull Environmental Impact Review, that the Project Should Be Contextual With the Neighborhood, that the Project should be part of the Overall Framework for Gowanus, and have Affordable Housing.

    The petition is available online: http://savegowanus.org/petition


  • Fletcher’s Sign is up.

    Fletcher’s BBQ, at 433 Third Avenue between 7th & 8th streets, has got its sign up! According to their website they are set to open this Fall and as of 9 days ago a tweet from their twitter handle, @FletchersBklyn, stated:

    we’re trying as hard as possible to open these doors!

    We hope they open their doors soon. We need to try some of their yummy BBQ!!! Yeah Meat!



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