• Scrap Metal Recyclers Busted For Canal Dumping

    While the feds have been trying to sort out a way to clean the superfunded Gowanus Canal, Benson Metal Corp. and Simsmetal East have been dropping pieces of metal scraps into the legendary toxic waterway. According to the Daily News, Benson Metal Corp. were documented at least 100 times dropping metal into the Canal. Benson Metal Corp. has been fined and indicated they will clean up their act. Simsmetal East who provides Benson Metal Corp. barges has also indicated that they will be cleaning up their act.

    Polluting makes Captain Planet sad…

    See the Daily News for more details here: Two scrap metal recyclers busted for dumping waste into Gowanus Canal; one slapped with $85K fine

  • Gowanus Synchronized Swimming

    This shirt from DraftCraft is highly amusing. It makes us chuckle at first than we make a sad face…than back to chuckle than sad face…than chuckle…

    This shirt would be a great gift for your Gowanus friend. Like friends that run a Gowanuscentric website for instance. They would totally love this shirt beyond belief. They might of even recommended this very shirt on their Gowanus focused site and even have taken the time to named all the fish featured on this very t-shirt.

    Get your very own Gowanus Synchronized Swimming T-Shirt ok DraftKraft’s etsy page here.


    Bonus Your Face Off

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  • Brad Lander Says Lightstone’s Development Should Be A Wash

    Carroll Garden’s Patch broke the news…

    City Councilmember Brad Lander, sent an open letter yesterday to David Lichtenstein, Chairman and CEO of The Lightstone Group, pleading with the company to withdraw its application for development of 363-365 Bond Street. 363-365 Bond Street sits right off the Gowanus Canal at a property near the Carroll Street Bridge (formerly the Toll Brothers site). Councilmember Lander refers to the large amount of flooding from hurricane Sandy as the reason why The Lightstone Group should not build their current version of a 1,000 residential condo on the banks of the Gowanus Canal.

    You know this hurricane flooding…

    As one can see in the video the water from Sandy’s storm surge easily filled the property (behind the metal fence on the left side of the Carroll St. Bridge) where The Lightstone Group’s new condo is set to be build. This particular video shows the beginning of hurricane Sandy’s wrath. Later towards the end of the storm, this area had way more water in it. The flooding from the Canal actually went up Carroll Street in both direction and could have reached four to five feet on the 363-365 Bond Street property.

    Councilmen Lander is adamant about The Lightstone Group changing or canceling their plans for the location. He says that he would be glad to work with Lightstone in the future for development in the area, but gives them a very stern warning if they continue with their current plans. In the letter he tells The Lightstone Group:

    If you choose not to reconsider in light of what we have learned from Hurricane Sandy, but instead push forward with your existing proposal unchanged, I will urge the City Planning Commission to reject your application.

    Brad Lander doesn’t seem to be playing around and looking at the video and images during and after the storm no one should be.

    Gowanus dodge a bullet with this storm. The neighborhood is actually prone to flooding when it rains and hurricane Sandy was mostly wind and flooding from the storm surge. If there had been rain mixed with Sandy this situation would have been even more devastating for Gowanus and South Brooklyn. Imagine all the water running down the streets from Park Slope and Carroll Garden’s during a huge rainfall mixed with the power of a hurricane… it would have been disastrous!

    To read all of Councilmember Brad Lander’s letter go here.


  • Testing After Sandy – EPA Results

    So, the EPA did a few test after the hurricane and here are the results….


    Hurricane Sandy Sampling Results

    On October 31, 2012, EPA took 4 samples in the Gowanus Canal area. Samples were taken from the ground floors of two buildings that had been flooded as well as directly from the canal. One of the buildings is located at the head of the canal, and the other near the 3rd street turning basin.
    Samples of flood water from the ground floors of the two buildings were analyzed for bacteria and 139 different chemicals within the following categories: metals, volatile organic compounds, petroleum related compounds and semi-volatile organic compounds. Semi volatile organic compound include polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or PAHs, which are the primary contaminants in Gowanus Canal sediment.

    Levels of bacteria were high. While this type of bacteria becomes inactive over time, these findings reinforce the need for people to protect themselves when cleaning up flood waters that contain sewage and therefore contain bacteria. Fact sheets detailing the precautions people should take when cleaning flood waters can be found at http://www.epa.gov/sandy/.

    The remaining four categories of pollutants were compared to health based values of drinking water quality. Chemicals that were tested were below levels of concern or not detected.

    Low levels of gasoline and diesel derivatives were found, consistent with road run-off which often contains traces of fuel.

    Levels of semi-volatile organic compounds were very low or not detected. These compounds include PAHs, which are a primary Read more ›

  • Lavender Lake’s Lavender Lake Concerns

    Lavender Lake is a popular bar on Carroll Street just off the Gowanus Canal. The bars name comes from a nickname given to the Canal by locals all the way back in 1880 to describe the waterways purplish oil sheen. What was once a thong a cheek reference to the oily natural of the Canal has become a huge concern for owner’s of Lavender Lake. After the Canal’s water flooded the hip cocktail bar, owners wondered how could/would they determine if their place is safe for consumers.

    Sam Wheeler, one of the four owners of Lavender Lake, talks about these issues in this video from Canal Creatures

    Gowanus Businesses Post-Sandy: Lavender Lake from Canal Creatures on Vimeo.

    Lavender Lakes facebook page posting Saturday says they are:

    slated to open the bar in a couple days!!!


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