• Lavender Lake’s Lavender Lake Concerns

    Lavender Lake is a popular bar on Carroll Street just off the Gowanus Canal. The bars name comes from a nickname given to the Canal by locals all the way back in 1880 to describe the waterways purplish oil sheen. What was once a thong a cheek reference to the oily natural of the Canal has become a huge concern for owner’s of Lavender Lake. After the Canal’s water flooded the hip cocktail bar, owners wondered how could/would they determine if their place is safe for consumers.

    Sam Wheeler, one of the four owners of Lavender Lake, talks about these issues in this video from Canal Creatures

    Gowanus Businesses Post-Sandy: Lavender Lake from Canal Creatures on Vimeo.

    Lavender Lakes facebook page posting Saturday says they are:

    slated to open the bar in a couple days!!!

  • Canal Creature Filled With Toxic Water

    The flood water of course have gone everywhere… rising up and taking things away. But for the Canal Creatures team it’s what’s left behind that has become most disturbing. Their space, which is located at 210 Douglass Street, had Gowanus Canal water in it and when it left, some of the water and the dangers within it, stayed. The Gowanus Canal is one of the dirtiest waterways in America and is an official EPA Superfund site. Just image oil, gas, street waste, and raw sewage that has been mixed together for more than eighty years, filling up your office – seeping into your carpet, your desk, your computer, your jacket hanging on the door… it’s inconceivable! A nightmare that may keep Canal Creatures from using their space ever again. Check out this video of what they found after the flood…

    Canal Creatures are currently okay. They’ve taking up refuge at Film Biz Recycling where they have been able to continue their sustainable production work.

    Pardon Me For Asking has additional information on businesses nearby that have been effected by Canal flooding. As a member of the Gowanus Canal advisory group (CAG) she has one of the best insights into what dangers these businesses are facing… Read it HERE!

  • Gowanusicane!

    We are busy getting ready for the storm, but we really wanted to make sure that people understood that much of Gowanus is in the “get the hell out” zone.
    ‘But, GFYO’, you might say, ‘some of Gowanus is not all near the harbor… won’t the giant Gnomes, Gowanus Trolls, and squid monsters protect us from any danger?’
    Let’s be clear much of Gowanus is the Mandatory Evacuation Zone. The Canal is going to flood for SURE because its current at high tide. Any little bit of storm surge will send water over the edge and onto the streets.

    That icky oil stuff we all make fun of could be knocking at your front door tomorrow. It may even bring this very oil drum into your basement…. yum!

    This will most likely happen…

    If you are in Zone A… just leave. If you are staying than be smart! Get supplies for 3 days of sitting in your new water front apartment.

    Zone Maps…

  • Imagine Trampolines Over The Gowanus


    Alright so this concept from ATELIER ZÜNDEL CRISTEA, French Architectural firm, makes us lierally want to jump for joy and is totally something we need here in Gowanus. Sure the probabally isn’t thinking a toxic Canal is the best place to implement a trampaline bridge concept, but just imagine not having to take the bridge streets across the Canal! Imagine just redoing a hop skip jump, Bam!, you’re on Nevins St. or Bond St. It would make travel between the two sides of Gowanus even more awesome!

  • Gowanus CAG meetings in October

    • Oct. 16: Water Quality/Technical Committee (re-scheduled from Oct. 9). Agenda TBD.
    • Oct. 23: Monthly General CAG meeting. Agenda: 1) Agency updates; 2) CAG charter and membership; 3) committee updates.
    • Oct. 29: Special CAG meeting with NYS DEC Officials: James Tierney, Asst. Commissioner for Water; Robert Schick, Division Director for Environmental Remediation; Venetia Lannon, Director, DEC Region 2; and Gary Kline, Chief, New York City Municipal Compliance Section, Bureau of Water Compliance.

    Real Estate Committee and Archaeology committee meetings to be scheduled.

    Please note that unless circumstances dictate otherwise, all CAG general meetings are on the 4th Tuesday of the month and all WQ/Technical Committee meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Other committee meetings are on an as-needed basis, for the time being.

    All meetings begin at 6:30 pm and are open to the public. Locations to be announced.


  • Gowanus Canal Conservancy Upcoming Events

    The Gowanus Canal Conservancy non-profit group sends out occasional email newsletters with news of upcoming events concerning the canal, including volunteer garden planting, tree giveaways, compost facility building and more. Sign up for the newsletter by dropping them a line .

    Read their latest newsletter below for a list of upcoming volunteer events and lectures this fall.

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