• A Lady Brew’s in Brooklyn

    Sixpoint creates some of the best beer on planet earth. (We can’t even tell you how much we miss the HopObama!) Their beer is a staple of NYC and now pretty much any place that now carries their cans.


    Beyond that the team at Sixpoint has all sorts of characters. One of these characters that enunciates the modern trends in brewing is Heather McReynolds. Heather represents a growing resurgence of her gender in the beer brewing industry.  Niki Blasina multi-platform journalist, posted this video highlighting Ms. McReynolds awesomeness.

    Female Brewsters Return to Roots in Red Hook from Niki Blasina on Vimeo.

  • Horse Cycles: Made in Brooklyn

    The Brooklyn name is a thing now… like a label that means ‘made with love’. For the longest time we thought that ‘Made in Brooklyn’ was such a powerful statement because we lived here and thus only something related to our egos. But it turns out Brooklyn means something everywhere. We don’t have data on this, just our own wonderings to other places. When elsewhere people have said ‘look this is made in Brooklyn…cool’. It turns out that the term ‘Made in Brooklyn’ means what ‘Made in USA’ use to mean; it’s quality, integrity, and frankly any cerebral sounding word that mean awesome!
    We discovered this great kickstarted from Horse Cycles. They make bikes right here in Brooklyn. Their line called Urban Tour is looking for a little support via the kick . You should know that their bikes proudly state the name of where they were made: “Brooklyn, NY”!

    Give them a kick here.

    and get your own Ubran Tour bike at: www.Urban-Tour.com

    Check out more pics of Horse Cycles powerful steed the Urban Tour bike…





  • Bondage: Gowanus Torso Harness

    Well then, Gowanus just got a lot more kinky!


    Grit Gear made this facinating piece of clothing or not clothing…erh… we don’t know what to call it! It’s labeled as is Gowanus Torso Harness (on Pinterest). The Grit Gear site says this item can be worn “wearing it over clothes or even without clothes”. We like those two options. Of course all clothing accessories can be worn that way, but we have a feeling that this leather item is really made for ‘special’ times.

    Look for us to be sporting this during the summer, while we strut around the Canal.

    Get it for yourself here.

  • The Smith-9th Street Subway Station Will Reopen in April!


    Photo credit: Daily News

    The project to rehabilitate the dilapidated Culver Viaduct and its Smith-9th Street Station — the highest elevation in the entire subway system and a vital link for residents of Gowanus — is finally nearing completion. Has it really only been two years? It feels like it’s taken forever. The station was originally scheduled to re-open in December 2012.

    The MTA swears that the station will finally, really, actually re-open, honest! The F and G trains will begin making regular stops at the station during the week of April 22nd while construction on some final details “that do not affect passenger functionality” will continue. And, more good news: the five extra stops that temporarily extended G train service to Church Ave. because of the Smith-9th Street construction project will remain permanent.

    We’ll give the new station a whirl and post some photos as soon as it opens. The art deco ornamentation we’ve seen from passing subway trains is a huge improvement over the downtrodden station of yore.


Gowanus, Brooklyn

The crack between two hipster neighborhoods, home to the now superfunded Canal, the flash point for the new 'Buy Local' and textile revolutions, & filled with brilliant bohemians. . . this is Gowanus & it’ll awesome your face off.

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