• Community Planning Meeting Will Be Held on Monday, December 9th by Councilman Brad Lander

    Brad Lander

    Councilman Brad Lander of the 39th District has invited Gowanus residents to meet with him and other local politicians at a new recurring event called Bridging Gowanus, starting on Monday, December 9th at 6:30pm. Loosely put, Bridging Gowanus aims to discuss general environmental, economic, and community goals as the neighborhood moves ahead into the future.

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  • Submit a Proposal for up to $1 Million of Budgeting for Gowanus Neighborhood Projects!

    Participatory Budgeting

    You remember what Participatory Budgeting is, don’t you? A quick refresher: at least $1 million in funds will be available to go towards projects in District 39, Councilman Brad Lander’s Brooklyn district that includes Gowanus, Carroll Gardens, Park Slope and parts of Red Hook, Windsor Terrace and Kensington. YOU, as a resident of District 39, get to vote directly on which projects receive funding. Now’s the time to submit ideas for projects to be voted on this coming spring.

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  • Petition to Stop Lightstone’s Larger Version of the Toll Brothers Site

    Some Gowanus residents are very angry about the 12 story 700 unit condo project from the Lightstone Group, that is to be build without having to go through any of the normal approval procedures. This is because Limestone is building on a site already approved for residential condos (abandoned Toll Brothers Project). But… and there is a big BUT here, the location was only approved for a design that was 8 stories tall and had 447-units as oppose to 12 stories tall and 700 units. Residents want to have a say in a project that is much larger that previously approved.

    Friends & Residents of the Greater Gowanus (FROGG) have put together a petition for people to sign opposing the project. The petition request: a Proper Democratic ProcessFull Environmental Impact Review, that the Project Should Be Contextual With the Neighborhood, that the Project should be part of the Overall Framework for Gowanus, and have Affordable Housing.

    The petition is available online: http://savegowanus.org/petition


  • NYC 2-Way Black Car Drivers Are on Strike

    NYC 2-Way strike

    Over 60 black car drivers who work for NYC 2-Way, based at the corner of Bond and Carroll Streets in Gowanus, are currently on strike and picketing outside the building. The drivers are protesting what they claim to be unfair practices by the limo company — whose clients include Goldman Sachs, Citi Bank, Bank of America and Ernst & Young — including taking 22-32% of the fare, unfairly taking that percentage out of tips and tolls, collecting $56 in weekly dues, charging $130 for a weekly rental of the dispatch radio, and a number of other complaints listed on a document they were handing out.

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  • Community Marching On New Barclay Stadium!

    It’s going to be an angry weekend apparently…

    Some Brooklyn residents are freaking furious about the Barclay Center Stadium (home of the Brooklyn Nets) that opens at the Atlantic Yards this weekend and are planning to descend on the stadium during a busy Saturday!

    But, why are they mad you ask?

    Is it because the don’t have tickets to this weekends opening Concert?

    No, try again…

    Is it cause they don’t have there official Adidas Brooklyn Net’s Outfits?

    Nope, not even close…

    It it cause the metal frame of the whole stadium looks completely unfinished?

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  • CB6 Meeting on Bellhouse Sidewalk Space & Shuffleboard’s Liquor License

    Aug 27     Public Safety Environmental Protection Permits & Licenses Committee Meeting
    Presentation and review of an unenclosed sidewalk cafe permit application renewal submitted to the Department of Consumer Affairs on behalf of The Bell House at 149 7th Street (between 2nd Avenue/3rd Avenue) to permit 5 tables and 20 seats.
    Presentation and review of a new on-premises liquor license application submitted to the State Liquor Authority on behalf of The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club at 514 Union Street (between Nevins Street/3rd Avenue)
    Presentation and review of an new on-premises liquor license application submitted to the State Liquor Authority on behalf of Pavilion Park Slope Cinemas 9, LLC at 188 Prospect Park West (corner of 14th street)
    Presentation and review of a new on-premises liquor license application submitted to the State Liquor Authority on behalf of JJT Hospitality LLC at 213 Smith Street (between Baltic Street/Butler Street)
       Cobble Hill Health Center – Dining Room
    380 Henry Street
    (between Warren/Congress Streets)
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    Click here for google map
       6:30 PM
  • New Graffiti On The Gowanus Power Station: End Stop and Frisk!

    Gowanus Power Station graffiti

    The Third Avenue side of the abandoned Gowanus Power Station, aka The Batcave, has new graffiti: “End Stop & Frisk” now adorns the building’s south-facing parapet, a reference to the New York City Police Department’s controversial increase of street stops in recent years, long a focal point of Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly’s regime that has recently come under fire. We’re not sure what “Hand” is a reference to, although it could be the artist’s tag.

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  • Oil vs. Water – Cleaning Slick from the Gowanus Canal

    The rainbow sheen that dances on the surface of the Gowanus Canal isn’t anything pretty, its oil! This oil comes from the streets and from manufacturing along the Canal. Some of the oil has floated in the Canal since the industrial revolution. Oil is one of the biggest problems for the Canal because of the whole oil vs. water thing. Water and oil don’t mix, but you can’t just sift out the oil as no technic has been able separate the two even though they don’t mix. It a conundrum or maybe not! Scott C. Smith of OPFELX Solutions shows how a simple product can remove oil from water. It’s almost like magic! The oil is pulled in by some green polyolefin foam that looks like the remains of a muppet. The product sucks up all the oil out of the water and then that oil can be strained out for reuse. It really sounds too good to be true. Check it out…

  • 269 Douglas St Artist Win

    As a renter your always at the mercy of your landlord. Sometimes you have a fair landlord and other times…well, we all have our stories. For artist at 269 Douglas St. it was an unfair landlord…at least from their position of being evicted to make way for a charter school. After what was surely lots of yelling the artist banded together and took the landlord to court. Now, a full year later, a court decision has been made a decision on whether or not the artist were legally evicted. When we first wrote about this a year ago we said: “Once again an artist is displaced because real estate rewrites the rules”, which apparently is not true in this instance. The artist have been allow to stay at 269 Douglas St. at least for the time being. No word on whether or not the courts ‘landmark’ decision will help others who are facing the boot.

    An excited response from one of the artist and more details can be found here.

  • Barclays Center Off On SideWalk Estimates?

    If you weren’t aware a giant stadium called the Barclays Center is coming to Brooklyn! It’s not only bringing a new version of the Nets, but also a whole lot of people. Many residents in Brooklyn (in Gowanus in particular) have complannd that the stadium will put a strain on the area. Some are worried about the traffic, while others are worried about the sewage system, which they say will only increase flooding in areas where it already floods (Gowanus). Beyond these two issues there is one that seems really obvious, but may not have been addressed properly. According to a group that is very focused on stadium, the Atlantic Yards Watch, the sidewalks are ill-equipped for the increase in foot traffic from the stadium. The group posted this video that does the math for sidewalk space on streets near the stadium and it seems these streets, may not be made for walkin’:


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