• Vodka in Sunset Park

    Booze is a basis for pretty much everything in life. In particular the word ‘vodka’ actually means ‘water’! And we all know we need lots and lots of cocktails with ‘water’. Industry City Distillery is rocking out a whole bunch of booze in Sunset Park. Check it out…

  • Booyah! Brooklyn Bouillon

    *not for vegan eyes!

    In 2010 Rachael Mamane formed Brooklyn Bouillon a company that partners with local farms (NY) and uses the entire animal to make stocks and demi-glace (a brown base sauce). According to their website their products contain no salt, no MSG, no hydrogenated oil, no grain and no gluten. The company, which has a kitchen in Sunset park, places a high value on sustainability and really shows how the modern world can be efficient and respectful of nature. They’ve got a whole lot of good stuff too…

    Current basic stocks include: Pasture-Raised Chicken Stock, Grass-Fed Beef Stock, Local Fish Fumet, and Organic Vegetable Stock. Current special stocks include: Cage-Free Duck Stock, Heritage Breed Pork Stock, Local Seafood Stock, and Wild Mushroom Stock. Current Gourmet Demi-Glace include: Cage-Free Veal Demi-Glace and Roasted Root Vegetable Demi-Glace

    Vimeo user SkeeterNYC, documentary filmmaker and editor, put up this cool video which highlights the badassness of Brooklyn Bouillon…

    The Queen of Flavored Water: Brooklyn Bouillon from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

  • No Laboring on What to Do on Labor Day

    So Labor Day’s coming up… you know that holiday that’s all about the people opposite of the Wall Street Fat Cats that run this world. You know, that holiday where we

    celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers”


    That’s us workers! and we totally have a holiday! Awesome!

    It’s actually kind of a lame holiday though. It’s almost like July 4th, but not as Red, White, and Blue… and there are fireworks, but not as much… and there’s a parade, but it’s kind of small. Maybe we aren’t doing a good job of describing it. It’s pretty much a normal weekend day, but on a Monday in September. It’s nice! You sleep in, you do a little shopping… you know the boring stuff.

    But it doesn’t have to be boring!!! It can be the greatest holiday ever! You just have to find the right thing to do.

    Might we suggest a crazy extravaganza in Sunset Park with the peeps over at Brooklyn Garage and Industry City Distillery !

    What’s that you ask?: ‘What sort of extravaganza could keep you away from the lame boring stuff you were planning on doing on Labor Day? ‘

    Well think:  

    BBQ, Bands, and Booze! 

    The three things that those of us that laborers deserve everyday of our lives. We work hard and deserve some R & R labor style!

    The events a “Lot Party”, so you know it’s going to be kah-razy! On the list of happening they have ice cream trucks, outdoor games, nice people (it’s Sunset park, of course there’s nice people), Cocktails by the guys from Lucey’s Lounge; food by Chef TIM TROMBLEY…plus all these bands:

    Zach Williams and the Bellow
    Gasoline Heart  (Solo performance)
    Aaron Livingston
    Nathan Xander
    Brilliant, My Boy
    + more

     and here’s what’s the best part… the tickets are $15 bucks if you buy before August 26th! $25 day of, which is still amazing because of all the shenanigans that will be going on.

    When is it?

    Labor Day, September 3rd, duh! 4p – “End”

    Get your pre-sale tickets here... right now… be impulsive… do it!

    Find out more details at Labor Day Lot Party

    see you there!

    Bonus Your Face Off

    Details on Industry City Distillery…


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