• Support Gowanus Circus

    The Gowanus Circus delivers high flying, fiery, sideshow filled, spectacular, performances! Their show  at the Gowanus Ballroom in October was truly unbelievable. Gowanus Circus’s type of engaging theatre is one of a kind and pretty much the awesomest thing you’ll see ever. What makes this group so special is all the variety they jam into one fun filled entertaining event. But they can’t do it all without the public support. They are looking for some donations to keep presenting these fantastic performances at places like the Gowanus Ballroom. They need to raise $10,000 bucks before the end of the year. You, John Q Public, can totally help these artist here by donating even a tiny bit or a whole lot right here right now.

    Check out this video showing off some of the kick ass stuff the Gowanus Circus has to offer…

    Wasn’t that amazing?!

    Just a reminder that donating to the arts on behalf of someone is like the coolest sexiest gift you can give.


  • Save Gowanus Ballroom

    Gowanus’s well known performance venue, Gowanus Ballroom, got completely trashed by hurricane Sandy. The photos of the venues destruction have made us extremely sad not only the owners, but also for the artist that have used the space to create some of the coolest shows ever in the history of ever!

    The space in in dire need and you know who can help, You!

    Yes, YOU!

    You can totally help save one of the coolest artists meccas ever!

    For only $15 bucks the Gowanus Ballroom will be offering a badass lineup of artists, musicians, and performer this Saturday, November 24th, 6pm!

    7:00pm –  Sweet Soubrette
    8:00pm –  Amanita Nita

    9:00pm –  ON
    10:00pm –  Shayfer James and Sara Zar
    11:00pm –  Will McEvoy
    12:00am –  Apocalypse Five and Dime
    1:00am –  Pendulum Swings
    1:45am –  Matthew Silver, the Great Performer
    2:00am –  Consumata
    3:00am –  Morgan O’Kane
    with  Flambeaux Fire throughout the evening!

    More details from Gowanus Ballroom:

    Due to ongoing clean-up, we are combining the Save Gowanus Ballroom Fundraiser with  FlutuArte NY!   Both will now take place on Saturday, November 24th, 6pm. Donations of $15 per-person admission will support the Gowanus Ballroom and FlutuArte.   We will also be accepting donations of canned goods, clothing and other emergency necessities for those suffering in the wake of hurricane Sandy.
  • Translator Audio / The South Sound Studios Now Accepting Donations for Sandy Relief

    A couple of weeks ago we reported that Translator Audio Studios in Gowanus — owned by producer Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Made out of Babies, Converge, Keelhaul, etc) and Candiria’s John LaMacchia —  was destroyed when Hurricane Sandy’s floodwaters broached the banks of the nearby Gowanus Canal. The loss was complete, as 100% of the gear that Schneider had collected for the past two decades was destroyed.

    A little bit of good news: Translator Audio and its partners The South Sound and Civil Defense Studios have begun accepting donations to help the studios get back on their feet. Those wishing to contribute to the relief effort can do so here.

    Read more ›

  • Party Like It’s 1999 For Sandy Relief

    We’ve seen you shake it like you were in your teens to Ace of Base; we’ve seen you try to mosh to Nirvana long after moshing was no longer a thing; And we’ve seen you hit Prince and Mariah Carey high notes… and we’ve never made a comment or judged you. Well now that all will change. We are going to judge you… but only if you don’t do all those things we listed this weekend! Because…

    It’s a special Party Like It’s 1999 event at Bellhouse Saturday that’s going to benefit those effected by Sandy. So now you should… no you have to dance to Aqua’s Barbie, gyrate to the Macarena, and act like the biggest Sugar Ray fan that you know you are for a good cause.


    Saturday, November 17th at 10:30 p.m. at the Bell House at 149 7th Street, Brooklyn (right after the taping of the Professor Blastoff podcast in the Main Event Hall) for Party Like It’s 1999: The Sandy Benefit Edition. All of our proceeds from the night will go to the Brooklyn Recovery Fund, which supports storm recovery efforts in Brooklyn. 

    They also have another way to help out — the Pay to Play jar. If you want to hear a request, donate money. The more cash you donate, the quicker you’ll hear your song. You’re getting in for free, so we hope you’ll find a couple of bucks to donate and help out the folks in our great borough.


  • Brooklyn Luvs Brooklyn


    A Benefit for Hurricane Sandy Relief

           Hosted by: Councilwoman Letitia James, Irondale Ensemble,

    Downtown Brooklyn Arts Alliance, 80 Arts Alliance,

    Soul of Brooklyn Consortium Members, at the Irondale Center

    Tuesday, November 13, 2012, 7:30pm – 10:30pm

    (doors open 6:30 with live music DJ)

    What: Brooklyn Loves Brooklyn – A Benefit for Hurricane Sandy Relief

    When: Tuesday, November 13, 2012, 7:30 – 10:30m (Live DJ 6:30-7:30)

    Where: Irondale Center, 85 South Oxford Street

    Info: www.irondale.org / 718.488.9233

    Cost: $10 – more will be gratefully accepted

    In response to the heartbreaking effects of Hurricane Sandy, cultural organizations in Downtown Brooklyn are taking action. Tuesday, November 13, the Irondale Center will host “Brooklyn Loves Brooklyn” an evening of performances featuring the Downtown Brooklyn Arts Alliance, 80 Arts Alliance, Soul of Brooklyn Consortium Members, Councilwoman Letitia James, Mark Morris Dance Group, the Irondale Ensemble and more artists to be announced.  Laurie Cumbo, Founder of MoCADA will serve as the Master of Ceremonies.

    Councilwoman James and Laurie Cumbo, Founder of MoCADA approached the Irondale Ensemble with the idea for the relief benefit.  Irondale was originally scheduled to host its own annual gala, the M. Edgar Rosenblum Awards but quickly changed its plan. “We felt that we had to respond to this call.” said Irondale’s Executive Director, Terry Greiss. “With so much pain and suffering so close to home, this has to take precedence. We’ll reschedule our event for the spring. Our sponsors and honorees all support this effort and we’re proud to have been asked to host it.”

    Among the fantastic array of Brooklyn artists who have agreed to perform at the event are Dan Zanes, Mark Morris Read more ›


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