• Eco-Expo & Mixer

    Film Biz Recycling is having one of those ‘industry’ type events with a green twist. On May 19th, Film Biz will be holding its first Eco-Expo & Mixer for those who are on the production side of the entertainment industry. The event will have a whole host of green presenters that include:

    Canal Creatures

    A sustainable production services company with the resources and connections, earned through 15 years of hands-on experience, to create the most time-efficient, cost-effective and polished films, web promos, and broadcast commercials.

    Green Product Placement

    Green Product Placement is a media product placement company that places and promotes green, sustainable, socially enterprising and/or local entrepreneurial brands in mainstream media, concentrating on television shows, feature films and web media.

    Sip N’ Go

    Make the transition away from bottled water easier on your crew.  Introducing the Sip N’ Go – reusable foldable water bottle for life on the go. Reduces landfill, BPA free, snaps shut and is pocket size when not in use. Smart hydration!


    Vokashi is a simple, easy and odorless way to ensure your food scraps stay out of landfills and get to the place they’re needed most – local farms and gardens.  Vokashi does all the dirty work by delivering the supplies you need and picking up your food waste and delivering back to the earth. Easy. Clean. Sustainable.

    Eco Set

    EcoSet implements environmentally responsible practices into commercial productions, minimizing the impact and recirculating reusable materials back into the local community.  We strive for Zero Waste and are partnering with our clients to set new standards for advertising productions.

    Soda Stream

    Save lots of money, reduce waste and recycing needs, and trips to the beverage wholesale outlet and get the fun and delicious alternative – make your own selzter and soda!  It’s a great savings in all regards and everyone will have a great time with bubbly, morale-boosting deliciousness.  

    Rock and Wrap it Up!

    Productions always have lots of food left over.  Make sure it goes to feed the hungry instead of the garbage to create pollution!  ROCK AND WRAP IT UP! is an antipoverty think tank. Founded in 1991, it was the first charity to address waste in entertainment sectors across North America: music/sports/film. Food prepared but not served was kept out of land-fill and re purposed to feed the hungry.

    Abby Kaish is the North American Director for Sports and Film recovery efforts.

    Plus, a who lot more!

    The event is meant to cultivate the re-use of materials and recycling of materials used in the entertainment industry.


    Get more details and RSVP for the event here.



  • Gowanus Outdoor Dance Party Returns

    The infamous dance location, formerly known as the Gowanus Grove, right off the Carroll Street Bridge and the Gowanus Canal will return this summer with hordes of hipsters just like last summer. Apparently Mr. Saturday/Mr. Sunday with light up the outdoor space when the summer heats up. The Brooklyn paper has the details: Gowanus-side dance parties will return this summer

    Bonus Your Face Off

    Here’s how the young kids shake it:

  • Cash Mob Brooklyn

    It’s the new sensation that is sweeping the nation, it’s Cash Mob and it’s taking over Brooklyn. Not familiar with Cash Mobs? Well, think flash mob without all the dancing or weird matching choreography… no wait, actually don’t think of flash mobs at all. Try thinking of a large gathering of people like at a rock show or monster searching townfolk… now take that large group of people or “mob”, but make sure they aren’t holding lighters or sticks & torches. Have the mass go to a small business all at once… and purchase a ton of stuff! That’s a “cash mob”. These Cash Mobs have been appearing all over the country as a way of helping small businesses receive an inundation of cash money. The Cash Mob makes it rain green for these mom & pop businesses.

    Brooklyn got its first Cash Mob last month with a mobbing of the Community Bookstore in Park Slope. This time around the Mob met on Smith Street and made a rush on one of our favorite places, By Brooklyn. At around 4:00 in the afternoon on Saturday a meetup group convened at the corner of Smith Street and Butler Street just a few blocks from By Brooklyn. The group hung out until enough people had arrived and then descended on the Brooklyn centric boutique. A clown car effect ensued with all the people trying to enter the store at once. Once inside the mass of consumers feverishly grabbed things off the shelves, whilst trying to navigate the tiny space and sea of people. Together Mob-sters purchased an amount that probably equaled a really really “good day” for By Brooklyn, except unlike a normal “good day” the influx of cash from the purchasing of goods happened in a mere few minutes.

    Check out the clown car effect and crowd inside By Brooklyn:

    Purchasers had a wide variety of items to choose inside By Brooklyn. Mob-ster Rick got a jar of Pistacio Crack, a treat from Good Batch, and a J Switaj tie, while fellow Cash Mob attendee, Stephanie, grabbed chocolate by Raaka. The big winner of the day, aside from By Brooklyn itself, seemed to be King County Jerky as a large majority of the Cash Mob grabbed a bag or two of the meat snack. Yum!

    This Cash Mob event was organized with the help of Ben and Jay from a group called Smallknot, which identifies themselves as the “best way to fund and connect with the small businesses that make your neighborhood awesome.” Ben of Smallknot said it was:

    maybe the best ever…never seen this many before!”

    His partner in crime for the event, Jay, also agreed. Jay pointed out the particular benefit that the Cash Mob had in happily accosting a store like By Brooklyn. He explained that because By Brooklyn is an efficient distributor for a multitude of local small businesses (including Gowanus artisans), the event is “a million times more local” and that the spending done by the Cash Mob goes to more businesses in the area than By Brooklyn.

    The press, NBC, Pix 11, Atlantic, etc., were all over this event too, as someone had leaked the exact location for this particular Cash Mob event. With the press there the Cash Mob terminology will no doubt be known by everyone very soon. Stay tuned for something in-depth about the Cash Mob phenomenon from NBC that will include highlights from this event at By Brooklyn and maybe an interview with Gaia owner of By Brooklyn.

    Finally as a bonus for attendees, and as additional proof of Smallknot‘s promotion of small businesses, Ben and Jay took the Cash Mob-sters who hung around after the event to grab a beer at a place just down the street. Win!


  • Giant Gnome makes girl cry!

    We haven’t spoken of ‘It’ before for fear that it would come and eat us in our sleep. ‘It’ watches over Bond street and hangs out next to the John Creech D & P scenery studio. ‘It’ is super huge and when you see it, you freeze in your tracks.

    It’s the Giant Gnome!

    Up until recently ‘It’ has provided a peaceful existence for all of us by keeping the Union & Carroll Street Bridge Trolls at bay. But now we say the Giant Gnome has gone to far by making a little girl cry…


    It’s time to grab your pitchforks oh great townsfolk of Gowanus! We must rise up against the scary Giant Gnome and ask him what’s his deal?! If he is out to destroy our little houses then he must go! But if he be hungry for the taste of hipsters, then he may stay.

    Also, someone schedule a meeting to talk about the Bridge Trolls…




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