• Dinosaur BBQ Gowanus Will Open This Wednesday, June 19th!

    Photo Credit: CarrollGardens.Patch.com

    Photo Credit: CarrollGardens.Patch.com

    Gowanus will be getting its third BBQ joint in as many years on Wednesday, June 19th; after several months of construction and set back by Hurricane Sandy, Dinosaur BBQ will finally be opening, according to Brooklyn Paper.

    We’ve been eyeing the construction process since it first started, and our mouths have been watering the whole time. We saw the new memorial mural for Raul Vasquez go up, and lately we’ve even seen what look to be Dinosaur BBQ employees leaving the venue after what we can only conjecture was a hard day of training in the pit. Gotta make sure those sausages come out just right! They’re the undisputed highlight of Dinosaur’s uptown Manhattan locale, if you ask us.

    Read more about the Gowanus Dinosaur location (including new menu items that will only be available at this location!) at Brooklyn Paper.

  • Vodka in Sunset Park

    Booze is a basis for pretty much everything in life. In particular the word ‘vodka’ actually means ‘water’! And we all know we need lots and lots of cocktails with ‘water’. Industry City Distillery is rocking out a whole bunch of booze in Sunset Park. Check it out…

  • Root Hill Burger Opens Today

    Late Monday evening Root Hill Burger announced via their Facebook page that they will finally be opening their doors today. Root Hill Burger’s build has been watched by both Park Slope and Gowanus residents as another welcone addition to 4th Avenue between President St. and Carroll Street. For neighbors it’ll be another happy staple for those that love Root Hill’s Cafe and those that love meat. Despite just opening Grub Street declared in it’s fall preview in August that Root Hill Burger would had 9 burgers on the menu. And those that attended the recent Film Biz Recycling Fundraising event Lights, Camera, Auction actually got to taste some of Root Hill Burger’s sliders. We didn’t get a chance ourselves to get a taste at this event, but that’s cause they went, so darn fast. Most likely cause people loved them!

    Photos of the interior of Root Hill Burger appeared on their facebook page shortly after the announcement they would be opening.

    (Click the photo to see more images)



  • Brooklyn Brew Kids

    Making beer is as close to being a God as a human being can get. Why? cause beer is freaking good and a key ingredient to making life awesome! In NYC there really aren’t to many place to grab supplies to make your own beer, luckily there’s the sweet couple from the Brooklyn Brew Shop to help you get your brewing on. 

    The couple, Erica Shea and Stephen Valand, have really nice kits that are available at various location in New York and across this country in places like Brooklyn Victory Garden, Choice Greene, and apparently now at Whole Foods.

    Brooklyn Brew Kids from Whole Foods Market on Vimeo.

    Brooklyn Brew Shop has a book you should too. Get it here!

  • Visit To Pork Slope

    *advisory not for vegan eyes!

    This weekend we wondered up into Park Slope, Brooklyn to the meat mecca know as Pork Slope. Here’s what we discovered:

    They have lots of beer…

    They have lots of liquor too high for us to reach…

    They have Pig stuff is everywhere… Read more ›


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