• Gowanus Street Art, September 7, 2012

    Gowanus is a Canvas…

    by B. Umanov 

    Corner of Nevins Street and Carroll Street:

    Union Street Bridge, west side:

    Union Street Bridge, east side:

    3rd Street, Whole Foods construction site:

    3rd Street between 3rd Avenue and Bond Street:

    SE corner of 3rd Street and Bond Street:

    SE corner of 3rd Street and Bond Street:

    NE corner of Second Street and Bond Street:

  • Hands Off The Kids!

    Gowanus Power Station graffiti

    As previously reported, there’s some new graffiti adorning the south-facing ledge of the Gowanus Power Station’s roof. But it turns out that the picture we snapped a couple of weeks back was just a work in progress. “End Stop & Frisk.” OK! But the “Hand” appended to the end at the time was a bit baffling.

    We think that “Hands Off the Kids” is a fine addition to the artist’s statement. The full slogan is reference to the NYPD’s controversial stop and frisk policy, which has been getting heat of late. Read more about the issue here.

    Again, we applaud the artist for a stealthy job well done. Getting into the sealed-up Power Station must’ve required hauling ladders over gates, climbing gear, ropes, or some combination thereof. Kudos!

  • New Graffiti On The Gowanus Power Station: End Stop and Frisk!

    Gowanus Power Station graffiti

    The Third Avenue side of the abandoned Gowanus Power Station, aka The Batcave, has new graffiti: “End Stop & Frisk” now adorns the building’s south-facing parapet, a reference to the New York City Police Department’s controversial increase of street stops in recent years, long a focal point of Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly’s regime that has recently come under fire. We’re not sure what “Hand” is a reference to, although it could be the artist’s tag.

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  • Here Comes the Neighborhood – Art Uplifts the Urban City Scape

    HERE COMES THE NEIGHBORHOOD is a series that shows what the power of art can do to revitalize an urban environment. The series takes place all over the world in: New York City, Miami, Germany, San Paulo, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Coachella, Texas, Baltimore, Mexico City, Kiev, Athens, Baltimore, and Mexico City. Check out the trailer:

    HCTN TRAILER from Here Comes the Neighborhood on Vimeo.

    Bonus Your Face Off

    Here’s the first episode of the series.

    HCTN EPISODE 1 : INTRODUCING THE WALLS from Here Comes the Neighborhood on Vimeo.

    In the first episode of HERE COMES THE NEIGHBORHOOD the stage is set for the Wynwood Arts District. Parking lots, loading docks and factory walls are transformed into “The Wynwood Walls”. Founder Tony Goldman explains his vision for a town center, while Jeffrey Deitch, Arts Manager Meghan Coleman and Co-Curator Medvin Sobio offer their insight into the project’s significance, taking us into the present day expansion. In addition, Photographer Martha Cooper and Miami based Mural Project Primary Flight weigh in.

    Participating artists: Kenny Scharf, Shepherd Fairey, Kunle Martins (Earsnot), Gaia, Shie Moreno, and Patrick McNeil from the artist collective Faile. 

    Featuring Original Music from: Hanni El Khatib, Ducky, Tommy Mas and Clams Casino.

    For More Information visit : HCTN.tv and vimeo.com/herecomestheneighborhood


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