• Just Shat Ourselves, Star Trek Ball is Coming!!!

    image via: WhatWouldShatnerDo.blogspot.com

    There is a constant battle within GYFO about who is the better Captain Kirk or Picard. Luckily Bellhouse is focusing on just one (the best one) for their Star Trek themed party, The Shat Ball 3! The June 16th ball will celebrate the man, the myth, and the legend Captain James Tiberius Kirk…er…William Shatner! The event will have themed comedy acts, a Star Trek band, Costume Contest (Nerdgasm!), Star Trek trivia, spacey drinks: Romulan ale and Klingon blood-wine, and of course the DJ will be blasting William Shatner albums to kill any earwigs.

    Gotta find my vulcan ears….ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

    Missing this Party would be illogical.

    More info at: Bellhouse


    In March 2009 Leo Mark Hodson fell 18 feet from a balcony and was severerly injured. Over the past two year with surgery and his amazing will power he has improved greatly, but remains paralyzed from the neck down. At Littlefield this Friday a benefit will be held to help Leo get the equipment the insurance companies will not cover. The events got a great lineup of rock and techno including: Dirty ExcuseDJ Roze-RoyzeDJ Noa DIngie Pop, and more…

    More details at Littlefield

    To learn more about Leo Mark Hodson check out his website and a recent article in Encore Online

  • Gowanus Happenings – May 5th to May 8th

    Thursday May 5, 2011

    Zora’s Space: Little Canyon / Touch / I Love Luci – Movie Seres

    Rockshop:  Cordero / Reid Paley Trio - CINCO DE MAYO PARTY • TACOS!! Ani Cordero founded the bilingual indie-rock band in Tucson, Arizona in early 1999. She borrowed members of Tucson’s Calexico and Giant Sand and called the group by her Puerto Rican family name, Cordero. / Reid Palye: ”A voice to turn good girls bad…Maybe crazy but damn exciting.”–The Village Voice

    Littlefield: Barbés presents: CINCO DE MAYO: BANDA DE LOS MUERTOSCHICHA LIBRE - Banda de Los Muertos will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a selection of classic tunes to get dead drunk to, with a supergroup of sorts featuring alumni of Slavic Soul Party and other NY top players. With Oscar Noriega & Chris Speed – clarinets; Jakob Garchick – Sousaphone; Jim Black percussion; Patrick Farrell & Rachel Drehman – ; Alto horn; Curtis Hasselbring & Brian Drye – trombones and many guest singers tba. / While not a Mexican band per se, Chicha Libre plays Cumbia, probably the most popular form of dance music in Mexico and most of Latin America.

    IBeam Brooklyn: Vinnie Sperrazza / Mike McGinnis Duo; Mike McGinnis – Clarinet, Vinnie Sperrazza – Drums

    Issue Project Room: Kenny Millions + Starlicker - Virtuoso saxophonist and clarinetist Kenny Millions invented the hum ha horn, and unleashes what is sometimes called “creative terrorism,” in performances both comic and enigmatic. / Starlicker is a unique trio, blending the origins of sound with imperative immediacy and sublime power.

    Friday May 6th, 2011

    Knitted Boobs

    Textile Art Center: Day of Service : Knit A Boob Workshop – presented by Oak Knit Studio - knitting prosthetic boobs for patients and survivors of breast cancer who have lost their breasts to surgery. The pattern is inspired by Beryl Tsang, a knitter and cancer survivor who started knitting her own prostheses and began Titbits. In addition, the prostheses will be lovingly donated to BreastCancer.org. So, if you know how to knit, or have been itching to learn, this is a great way to take part in a wonderful day of service.

    Textile Arts Center: Oks Gallery: GOOD WORK – A Fiber Arts show curated by Tali Weinberg. This May Day the Textile Arts Center and Oak Knit Studio are celebrating the textile workers, artists, designers, and activists who make our world more beautiful and just—all makers tied together by the products of our labor—all makers whose work tries to do good in a multitude of ways. Artist: Abigail Doan, Atefeh Khas, Belinda Smith, Charlene Lam, El Hombre Sobre la Tierra in collaboration with Global Goods Partners and Via Nativa, Erica Harris, Erin Considine, Hilary Steel, Jill Magi, Maya Valladares, Michele Pred, and Susan Weltman

    Root Hill’s Trash Pony Bar: Bonobos in the Mist - prints by Shelly Mars gallery closing. Better known as a performance artist for twenty five years, her latest performance piece, Homo Bonobo Project, led Shelly to print making. These prints reveal a freeness that is consistent with the irreverence and punch of her performance style.

    Rockshop: Ferraby Lionheart / Vandaveer / Two Dark Birds – Two Dark Birds: A strange and beautiful trend is making it’s way across the independent music landscape: Talented musicians are paying respectful tribute to the music of classic Americana, while still creating songs and sounds that are unquestionably contemporary. The Felice Brothers are fine examples of this movement, as are Two Dark Birds, a band born of Pakatakan Mountain and the mind of Maplewood alum Steve Koester.

    Littlefield: DENISON WITMER & CAITHLIN DE MARRAIS (OF RAINER MARIA) & THE POISON TREE – Witmer, gentle guitar and soothing voice are deceptively powerful, enough to put even the most jaded indie rockers in touch with their inner James Taylor. / Caithlin De Marrais is a torch singer for a novel kind of heartache. She channels Emily Dickinson, telling truth at a slant. It’s no surprise, De Marrais used to be lead singer and bassist with critically acclaimed indie rock band Rainer Maria (’95-’06). / The Poison Tree’s new record could easily have been found on an some old reels of 1/2″ tape buried under a mattress in the Chelsea hotel.

    Issue Project Room: Paul Flaherty Quartet + Indignant Senility + Family Underground w/ DJ Sets by Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting - aul Flaherty (tenor & alto sax ) has been playing free improv music for the past 40 years. His music is an attempt each time to release to whatever sounds or improvised themes that need to emerge. There are no written tunes, pre-arranged outlines, or  group leaders once the music begins. / Indigent Senility: Slowly demented and nightmarish wasteland sequences from Portland, Oregon’s Pat Maherr, crafting his debut album under the Indignant Senility moniker. / Pat Maherr aka Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting (aka DJ Yo-Yo Dieting) first appeared on the radar with the dilapidated droneworks of his Indignant Senility releases.

    IBeam Brooklyn: BEN HOLMES & PATRICK FARRELL/Curated by Rich Johnson – Ignite a Noise Brass. Holems & Farrell: The duo of Patrick Farrell (accordion) and Ben Holmes (trumpet) have collectively traveled to study music in Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, and Hungary. The duo combines the results of these journeys with a deep knowledge of the Klezmer repertoire, original writing, the odd 60s pop chestnut, and an all-abiding love of a good melody regardless of source to present an exciting and varied program of music in an intimate chamber setting. Curated by Rich Johnson – Ignite a Noise Brass Free jazz fire, a Nick Drake cover, and melodious folk tunes.Rich Johnson – trumpet; Kirk Knuffke – cornet; Brian Drye & Curtis Hasselbring – trombones

    Bellhouse: REVEREND HORTON HEATREVEREND PEYTON’S BIG DAMN BAND - Undeniably, The Reverend Horton Heat, aka Jim Heath, is the biggest, baddest, grittiest, greasiest, greatest rocker that ever piled his hair up and pounded the drinks down. The king of Rockabilly Music! / The Big Damn Band is very much a family affair, with the good reverend on finger-style resonator guitar and lead vocals, his wife “Washboard” Breezy Peyton on washboard and vocals, and distant cousin Aaron “Cuz” Persinger on drums and bucket. *GYFO pick of the wknd

    Saturday May 7th, 2011

    Rock Shop: Julia Nunes / Allison Weiss – Julia Nunes (pronounced NOONZ) is a native of upstate New York. She is a talented singer-songwriter, guitarist, and ukulele player. Allison Weiss is an energetic 23-year-old with an electric guitar, an avid online following, and a whole lot of feelings. With her quirky charm and sharp pop sensibilities, Weiss makes losing a little more fun.

    Rock Shop: Dax Riggs / Cristina Black - Louisiana’s own dark star and Orpheus of the underground, Dax Riggs – the fool in your tarot deck – trippin’ over his own tombstone, reaching into the atmosphere and pulling spirits from the air. An alchemy of all roots music, doom metal and glam-punk poetry.  It sounds like voodoo, feels like redemption and puts off heat like a burning oil rig. / Cristina Black is a singer – songwriter.

    Littlefield: REGGAE RETRO 1ST SATURDAYS PARTY – Littlefield welcomes the legendary dance party Reggae Retro, which features a blend of classic reggae music and pays tribute to the legends of reggae music. Established in 2002, Reggae Retro is NYC’s longest running reggae dance party and takes place on the 1st Saturday of each month. Since its early roots at the dawn of the new millennium, Reggae Retro has become the most anticipated underground monthly reggae event, featuring DJs Jase, Silence, Point Blank Sound & Strugglers Movement.

    Issue Project Room: David Linton + Bruce Tovsky - All of David Linton‘s time-based multiple media work of the last 30 years has it’s roots in the late “electric” phase of the second half of the 20th century as it anticipated and thereby prepared the transition to the “electronic” present which we now inhabit. This is not to say that he advocates nostalgia… but that he chooses to continue to pursue understanding the elusive miracles of this formative transitional period in mass human communication and technology through the perspective of his own lived experience – by now ever so slightly enhanced by the wisdom of hindsight – above all else. / Bruce creates live video and sound improvisations, often in collaborations with other artists and musicians. He studied with Fluxus greats Bob Watts, Geoff Hendricks and Daniel Goode, and showed his video work across the USA, Europe and Japan.

    IBeam Brooklyn: Lash,Dent, Eisenstadt Trio / The Quartet - Trio: Dominic Lash on Bass, Harris Eisenstadt on Drums, David Stent on Guitar, The Quartet: Josh Sinton on woodwinds, Matt Bauder on woodwinds, Kamala Sankaram on  voice & accordion, Cory Smythe on piano & electronics.

    Douglas Street Music Collective: Frank Carlberg Quintet w/Christine Correa, John O’Gallagher, Johannes Weidenmüller, Michael Sarin in a performance of settings to contemporary poets such as Anselm Hollo, Kai Nieminen and Jim Gustafson. This gig is also a CD-release concert celebrating their new “Uncivilized Ruminations” recording on Red Piano Records.

    Douglas Street Music Collective: Tony Malaby in a set of rare solo saxophone performances.

    Brooklyn Lyceum: Up in Arms - With arms raised high in triumph, the Alternative Arts Association is proud to unite for our five year anniversary show, UP IN ARMS.

    Brooklyn Lyceum: GALA/NYC Music Series - a one-of-a-kind presentation of performances from a variety of musical styles and art media, anchored and developed by the versatile Juilliard trained cellist and composer, Mike Block, hailed by Yo-Yo Ma as the ideal musician of the 21st Century.

    Brooklyn Lyceum: Gentrify Brooklyn – Comedy Show: GENTRIFY BROOKLYN is hosted by the twin terrors of east coast improvisation, M.A.D. and SIDECAR. Its’ mission is to take the city’s most talented improvisers, stand ups, and sketch comedians out of hateful, smutty Manhattan and to insert them into pastoral, loving Brooklyn, where they all live anyway.

    Bellhouse: THE 137TH KENTUCKY DERBY - ALL DAY (Plates by URBAN RUSTIC) 1pm to 5pm DJ stylings by Party Like It’s 1999′s Steven R. Reynolds in the front lounge. Hats available from Brooklyn milliner La China Loca. 3pm to 5pm Square dancing led by David Harvey & NYC Barn Dance. No experience required: all dances taught on the spot! 5pm to 6pm Call to the Post by bugler Ryan Resky leads to the main room.The singing of My Old Kentucky Home by The Nouvellas.Prizes for Best Formal Hat, Best Informal Hat and runners up, plus Sharp Dressed Man and runners up. Hosted by Michael Andrews Bespoke. 6pmPOST TIME — and they’re off! 7pm Live Band Karaoke with Bunnie England and the New Originals on the big stage. Trophies awarded for Most Inspiring Performances.

    Sunday May 8th, 2011

    Issue Project Room: Share – free audio & video jam. SHARE is first and foremost a platform to explore expression, in a variety of artforms. Through its weekly open jam sessions, SHARE.nyc engages its participants and spectators in a continually changing dialog on art and culture. As such, SHARE represents an ongoing exploration of collaborative performance as cultural exchange. It mines the relationship of artistic practice to cultural identity, remapping a multiplicity of cultural discourses. The act of creating artistic content in a multicultural collaborative context is a fascinating and natural extension of the SHARE concept.

    Douglas Street Music Collective: Family Concert featuring Daniel Kelly. A monthly series presented by Sam Sadigursky

    Brooklyn Lyceum: Up in Arms - With arms raised high in triumph, the Alternative Arts Association is proud to unite for our five year anniversary show, UP IN ARMS.

    Brooklyn Lyceum: Brandon Lee – Jazz on Sundays

    Bellhouse: NACHOSNY.COM PRESENTS: GUACTACULAR 2011 – 20 Guacs face off in a battle of taste and flare! So much guacamoles and craziness that you won’t know what hits you!


    May 15th - 248th MAD SCIENTIST SCIENTIFIC EXPOSITION EXPLOSION SCIENCE FAIR! Use all of your most creative intellectual prowess, or borrow some, to construct a verifiable scientific experiment which includes one experimental variable following the scientific method or just make a diorama full of dinosaurs (not everybody has to win)! Having trouble digesting all the information? Worried that it is against the rules to get your parents’ help? Take a look at these ribbon-winning suggestions: Why is the sky blue when reflected in the black Gowanus? Which acts are nominally legal and which ones will actually get you arrested? (highly dangerous research, proceed with caution) How many MORE eggs can a fat person eat?Do people actually look better when I’m drunk?Graphic representation of where your hands have been for the past two weeks.

    If you wish to have your Gowanus event listed please send an email to [email protected] and we will gladly include the event and a link about the event in our weekly post.

    *information on this list is borrowed from the indicated venues’ websites. The use of content is meant to promote the venue and the artists or groups.


  • pompadours welcome – Reverend Horton Heat coming to Bellhouse

    So last mouth Bellhouse put on a ‘whotastic’ event with the BBC America/Secret Formula Page Doctor Who event. And we thought no event could ever be greater. . . but coming this weekend the Bellhouse is going to eclipse itself with the Reverend Horton Heat. If you have not heard of Reverend Horton Heat than you have yet to live. The group is a staple of Texas rock music and represents the cool part of Texas (one away from Politics) were everyone ropes cattle during the day and shreds on their guitars at night. The Reverend Horton Heat is the gospel of Rockabilly music, which in the simplest terms is: Country meets Punk gets hopped up on hardcore Blues and starts an impromptu Honky Tonk rave. With classic tunes like: Big Red Rocket of Love and the Jimbo Song the groups sound has been emulated, but never matched. The bass, the drums, and the guitar rifts will give you a tingling urge not felt since you discovered beer! Sure we could also review their latest album and tell you that Laughing and Crying keeps to their tradition punk country feel, while adding in a little more swing bounce beat, but the album is so badass that simplifying in print seems insulting to its’ sound. Just take a listen and you will know what we mean. This is the must see show of the year hands down. Don’t walk…Run and Get your ticket!!!

    * GYFO Warning: This show will melt your face off, not metaphorically, but literally. The Reverend Horton Heat is a God playing music in the world of men!

  • Gowanus Happening – The Guide to Your Weekend

    Farmers, Rockers, Dancers, A Sing-Along, Anthropology, A Market, Movers, Shakers, and much more. This is your weekend Gowanus and it will awesome your face off…



    Thursday April 28th, 2011

    Bellhouse: Aladdin Sing-Along - You neighbors will appriciate that you take a break from Karakeeing to Disney at the 3am by you going to the Bellhouse to belt out your best version of a Whole New World…shiny shimmering…; there will be trivia, costume contest, singing, plus more.

    Green Building: Brooklyn Contro for BK Farmyards - Folk music dance party to help BK Farmyards summer apprenticeship programs. The dance will feature:Live music by Groove Train (Ross Harriss, Neil Pearlman, & Lilly Pearlman)Calling by Dave Harvey (of the NYC Barn Dance)

    Issue Project Room: Theoretical: Veit Erlmann, Reason and Resonance: A History of Modern Aurality - bi-monthly series of critical discourse, with ethnomusicologist, musicologist, anthropologist, and cultural historian Veit Erlmann.

    IBeam Brooklyn: Jim Black Trio - Jim Black on drums, Thomas Morgan on bass, Teddy Klausner on piano

    LittlefieldMARY HALVORSON and JESSICA PAVONEMantra Percussion – performing an excerpt from Michael Gordon’s “Timber”-  Hailed by the New York Times as “…finely polished…a fresh source of energy,” Mantra Percussion is committed to substantially expanding the future of percussion repertoire by commissioning and performing new, significant works for large percussion ensemble by both prominent and emerging composers to breathe new life into the art. Our aim is for most of these works to engage cross-discipline collaborations to produce evening-length events that look toward a grander artistic vision.

    Friday April 29th, 2011

    Bellhouse: The Baseball Project & Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3 – The Baseball Project: What happens when your band’s debut album is a run- scoring hit with both music and baseball fans? If you’re The Baseball Project, you grab some friends to fill out your bench, take batting practice by writing songs for ESPN and deliver a strikeout pitch with Volume Two: High and Inside. /  Steven Wynn does not seem to be that famous guy from vegas, but he (or maybe them) and Miracle 3 seem to produce Garage-Indie-Psychedelic Rock.

    Brooklyn Lyceum: Spring Craft Market – the 3rd annual marketplace featuring small business and entrepreneurs who make cool things that you should buy

    Gowanus Art Building: Gowanus Wildlife Preserve Showcase #12 - Spoke the Hub’s longest running concert series of new dance, music and performance. Each program supports five to six artists in varied career stages, from emerging to established. The Gowanus Wildlife Preserve showcase offers a vibrant mix of choreographers, musicians, performance artists and their selected casts the opportunity to work in a professional but informal setting that emphasizes experimentation. Friday Night includes a Dance party with Art Lillard’s Band & Blue Heaven.


    Halyards: The Birdhive Boys – no cover

    IBeam Brooklyn: Rafiq Bhatia Quartet – Jeremy Viner on woodwinds, Rafiq Bhatia on guitar/compositions, Jackson Hill on bass, Alex Ritz on drums

    Issue Project Room: Littoral: Jacques Demierre and Vincent Barras; Voicing Through Saussure The detailed analysis of the sonorities of the ancient and modern languages, their re-elaboration and re-composition is finally embodied in a score-text, spread out on stage in its concrete dimensions through the language performance of the two sound artists. Barras & Demierre have previously published Voicing Through Saussure, a film by Véronique Goël.

    Root Hill’s Trash Pony Bar: Stanley John Mitchell and His Band of Buddies - The group plays mostly original music drawn from the Roots Americana style they love so much. Stan feels though, that they give the music a contemporary twist that makes it all their own.

    Zora’s Space: Kai Ando’s Grand Cru - Kai Ando is an active bassist in New York City. He can be heard playing with many up and coming artists around the city. Most recently, Kai was featured in American Place Theatre’s production of ‘The Things They Carried’, based on the novel by author Tim O’Brien.

    Saturday April 30, 2011

    Bellhouse: Alejandro Escovedo and the Sensitive Boys & Jesse Malin and the St. Marks Social Club - Alejandro Escovedo is one with his muse and his music. Over a lifetime spent traversing the bridge between words and melody, he has ranged over an emotional depth that embraces all forms of genre and presentation, a resolute voice that weathers the emotional terrain of our lives, its celebrations and despairs, landmines and blindsides and upheavals and beckoning distractions, in search for ultimate release and the healing truth of honesty. / Jesse Malin, the unofficial “Mayor Of St. Marks Place” has evolved from the glam/trash sounds of D Generation to the more mature singer-songwriter approach of his heroes such as Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen.

    Brooklyn Lyceum: Spring Craft Market - the 3rd annual marketplace featuring small business and entrepreneurs who make cool things that you should buy

    Brooklyn Lyceum: Dale Radio Live! Join the “Voice of the Gowanus,” Dale Seever, for a live version of his cult-podcast, Dale Radio! Highlighting things he enjoys, Dale chats with special guests from the worlds of comedy, arts, music, and food, many of whom are drawing inspiration from the fetid little canal we all love.

    IBeam Brooklyn: Sarah Bernstein QuartetUrsel Schlicht Trio – Sarah Bernstein Quartet: Sarah Bernstein on violin/compositions, Kris Davis on piano, Stuart Popejoy on bass guitar, Ches Smith on drums / Ursel Schlicht Trio: Ursel Schlicht on piano, Reuben Radding on bass, Harris Eisenstadt on drums

    Prospect Park: Brooklyn PTA’s 5k run for School - The PTAs of Brooklyn’s public schools and office of Brooklyn City Council Member Brad Lander are coming together to sponsor the fourth annual PTA 5-kilometer race/walk/stroll/toddle in Prospect Park.

    Littlefield: KINDIEFEST FAMILY FESTIVAL! – featuring: The Verve Pipe, Elizabeth Mitchell & You Are My Flower, Tim & the Space Cadets, Aaron Nigel Smith, Oran Etkin, Heidi Swedberg

    Rock Shop: Pearl And The Beard & Kingsley Flood & Ugly Purple Sweater - Pearl and the Beard is three voices, one cello, one guitar, one glockenspiel, one melodica, several drums, one accordion, ninety-six teeth, and one soul.

    Zora’s Space: Afternoon Poetry with Kate Light & Harry Newman - Kate Light’s volumes of poetry include Gravity’s Dream (Donald Justice Award), Open Slowly, and The Laws of Falling Bodies (Nicholas Roerich Prize).  Her poetry has been featured four times on Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac and is included in The Penguin Book of the Sonnet and many other publications. / Harry Newman’s poetry has appeared in numerous journals including Ecotone, Asheville Poetry Review, Rattle and The New Guard.  His poems have been nominated twice for Pushcart Prizes and shortlisted twice for the Bridport Prize in England.

    Sunday May 1, 2011:


    Brooklyn Lyceum: Spring Craft Market - the 3rd annual marketplace featuring small business and entrepreneurs who make cool things that you should buy

    Everywhere: TD 5 boro bike tour - more than 30,000 cyclists will experience New York City from a perspective unlike any other: pedaling down 42 miles of car-free streets through all five boroughs, taking in views of iconic landmarks like the Empire State building, Brooklyn Bridge, historic Harlem, and the Statue of Liberty. Support individuals and charities riding this great race.

    Gowanus Art Building: Gowanus Wildlife Preserve Showcase #12 - Spoke the Hub’s longest running concert series of new dance, music and performance. Each program supports five to six artists in varied career stages, from emerging to established. The Gowanus Wildlife Preserve showcase offers a vibrant mix of choreographers, musicians, performance artists and their selected casts the opportunity to work in a professional but informal setting that emphasizes experimentation.

    Zora’s Space: Tom Stamp Storytelling - Songs and Stories for the whole Family; Recommended for School Age and Up


    May 6th: Bellhouse – The one, the only Reverend Horton Heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Texas Rockabilly band that will melt your face off!!!!

    May 11th: Brooklyn Lyceum – The Little Prinsinn: Inspired by Antoine Saint-Exupery’s famous fable, a team of visual artists, puppeteers, movers, and doers weave a dream circus told through many mediums.

  • Hipster Hangout Re-Opens for the Summer, Return of Gowanus Yacht Club

    Stay calm it’s only been an entire winter since you sat outside and drank a can of Papst Blue Ribbon and ate a hotdog. That’s an entire winter! If you have been like us you never believe that damn groundhog on when summer starts, cause you know summer is here when the Gowanus Yacht Club opens. Next week you can put on those horrible 80s sunglasses and hipster it out at the ‘club’ because it’s finally opening day. Summer is finally here! let the cheep beer roll!


    First Reported: NewYorkGrubStreet.com


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